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WWE 2K18 – Review

WWE 2K18 is the new installment in the 2K Sports franchise that hosts games like NBA 2K etc. it is the yearly release and this year is the biggest in terms of roster size over 200+ superstars to select from, a new and improved MyCareer mode and the fact that it is only on next-gen consoles. The developers said that this gives them more time to focus on making the game better looking and to make it play better.

Apart from a few new move animations, the core gameplay is unchanged. Some of the new features they have added is the new carry system which helps you position your opponent into spots to pull off big moves or even deal more damage to your opponent with weapons i.e you can lift your opponent into a powerbomb position and smack them on the ring steps or even on the edge of the ring and then swing them into the side of the apron. They have also introduced eight superstars in the ring at the same time now as well, when playing it seems like controlled mayhem but we’re getting there for that big royal rumble moment.

One thing I wished they worked on for the last three year is Universe mode but again this has had minor touches the only stand out feature they used is the power rankings which affects the superstars attributes basically power rankings 1 gains +15 on his/her attributes making them stronger. If the said superstar loses too many matches they will be on a cold streak and run the risk of their attributes going into the minus. Apart from that, there isn’t anything new added to Universe mode.

MyCareer has been revamped, it is combined with MyPlayer (Road to Glory) which is an online mode where you compete with other players around the WWE Online Universe and compete to make the spot on the upcoming PPV. you gain big rewards from doing this but with 2K’s history, their servers aren’t the most reliable. My Career has been greatly improved but still at times feels clunky, you can walk around backstage now and interact with other superstars to create rivalries and also partnerships. A good factor in this is the ability to complete side quests, some might want you to put on a four-star rated match to earn VC (in-game currency) or some may challenge you to a match. All side quests and as a matter of fact, every type of mode that features a match will earn VC to go towards your balance which you can then spend on attributes and new skills for your MyPlayer to use offline or online.

2K has added loot chests this year and before you go off no you can’t use real money. You can only spend VC to purchase these and they contain buffs for certain skills for a number of matches, new gear to equip your superstar (some generic and some of the current superstars) new hairstyles etc. now this is all good and all but to get the object you spend VC to unlock it and to equip it you have to pay for it with guess what…VC! So you spend money to unlock it and then spend money to use it. 2K is really making players play matches galore to earn VC and in a way it’s good it makes players grind the game to look and play the best they can. No shortcuts for paying players unless they but the Kickstarter pack part of the season pass and sold separately but that only gives you 10 attribute points and 80,000VC which goes quickly. I should note that you can’t just use the 80,000VC like the last game to spend on all the attribute points either, you gain points from doing certain tasks like completing sidequests and overcoming certain obstacles in your story.

The walking around back at the beginning is a real chore as you’re in NXT and not much of the arena is accessible but when you reach the two main shows RAW and Smackdown Live you can roam around more and see more established superstars.

Barron Blade Baby, Baby. He is back but don’t worry you don’t have to fight him 200+ times in your career, no he is the booker for the shows. It’s a nice little touch to point and laugh at the fuck up 2K did with him last year, however again he gets bloody annoying and has as much charisma as a wet paper bag. You report to him to arrange what match you want and with who, you go to the whiteboard and choose from the selection given to you. To be fair we have come a long way from Vickie Guerrero in WWE 2K15 constantly popping up and saying sorry no match for you have a dark match instead to now Barron Blade giving you options. Backstage has even got the seamstress there for you plan your outfits but you can also just press start and navigate through the menus to do this as well, but it is a nice touch.

Visually the game is solid with the shadow effects really giving the superstars more realism, talking of realism some of the superstars actually look lifelike compared to last year…I’m looking at you Sasha Banks (god she looked awful last year, but near perfect this year.) the sound in the game is and always will be an issue as is games like Fifa, once you’ve played the series to death you get complacent and ignore them but there are times where they say stuff and you think “GOD, SHUT THE FUCK UP MICHAEL COLE!” actually I think that when I watch the shows to be fair. This year they have removed Jerry King Lawler from ringside commentary and have added Corey Graves and Byron Saxton who are the current commentators for the TV shows but again they sound dry and robotic as does the ring announcer Jojo who is new this year as well but the way she announces The Usos seriously pisses me off. Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso…The Usos. why not just programme her to say Jimmy and Jey…The Usos (I know it’s petty but it really annoys me).

WWE 2K18 is rated PEGI 16 and is available on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, and Windows PC, and will follow in the Autumn 2017 for Nintendo Switch™

WWE 2K18 – Review
Would I Play This Again?
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What I Liked
Great depth in MyCareer
Visually Remarkable
Gameplay and Roster size is solid
2K making you grind to get the best out of the game
What I Hated
Lack of improvement in Universe Mode
The Hardys are apart of the DLC
Having to pay more VC to buy what you have already unlocked.
It's Glorious !!!!
Does 2K18 Lay the Smacketh Down?
Right did I like 2k18? Yes, it is better than last year and the year before that. 2k seems to get better as the time goes on. what I'd like them to do is take a year break and focus all their attention on one super WWE game. Make sure they get the clinks out and make it better. With the new console powers coming up with the Xbox One X and the rumors of a PS5? put your eggs in that basket 2K. 2K18 was a solid affair visually stunning and gameplay to match but some feature just needed more work. I especially like the fact they didn't follow other developers by making players fork out real money to improve their MyPlayer.