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Wildlands Gold Edition issues ?

With another big title launched this week some gamers seem to be having an issue with their gold editions. Many users are claiming that the 800 store credits and the permanent 5% XP boost are not being applied. There has been no official word from Ubisoft on this issue but with some users taking to twitter to ask them.


The game is also showing that players are on the “Standard Edition” causing more confusion. We tried this out for our selves and purchased a copy of the Gold Edition and have run into the same issue. The store is saying we do not own the “Gold Edition” in fact its only showing we own the standard edition.

With the gold edition of the game the following extras where listed to be included:

All Deluxe content ( The Huntsman rifle.- The Huntsman motorbike.- 3 emblems.- 3 weapon camo.- 3 character customization items.- XP booster)
Season pass.

However according to UBIBLOG’s post dated 2nd March Season pass owners would get extra content

“Finally, the Ghost Recon Wildlands Season Pass comes with a host of bonuses. Owners will receive a permanent 5% XP booster; a single-use two hour XP booster that gives a 50% boost to you and a 25% boost to players in your session; and a Ghost Recon Credits Pack with 800 credits. Additional credits can be purchased at any time to spend on cosmetic items, XP boosts, and weapons comparable to those you can find through normal gameplay.”

Ghost Recon Wildlands launched March 7th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Are you having any issues with content ? if you are please leave a comment below.

We have reported our issue to Ubisoft via twitter and currently awaiting a reply


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  • Darrin Powell

    same issue. no XP, credits or season pass. deluxe pack and ghost pack also saying I have to buy them under the DLC/season pass menu. Submitted a ticket with proof of purchase. Got a quick response asking for another attachment of proof of purchase. Sent that and haven’t heard back from them since. Horrible customer service

  • Ben Gebhard

    Same issue. No xp booster, credits, bonus 2hr booster. Deluxe content works.

  • Matt

    It’s been over a week and I’m still not getting my xp boost, the vehicles, or my store credit. I tried contacting Ubisoft support, but no real help there. Their support could be a little more helpful.

  • Darrin Powell

    still no response. Worst customer support. I guarantee IF they get back to me, they’ll try saying it’s something wrong on my end. Anyone know where to go to file a complaint against this thieving company?

    • i’ve had a reply they wanted proof of purchase which i sent on the first ticket, then they tried to fob me off saying it was microsoft i need to speak, so i pointed out to them that microsoft have nothing to do with it. now they want screenshots of all content installed – it’s a joke

      • Darrin Powell

        yea I sent proof of purchase twice. After the second time is when they stopped responding