Warned Collectors Online Store With Limited Physical Games Launches

If you were looking for another avenue to acquire rare physical games for your PS4, it looks like you’re in luck. A French publisher called Warned Collectors has just launched its online store, giving you access to a handful of titles. The company has several offerings immediately available, including figures, collectibles, art, soundtracks, and of course some of those rare physical copies of games.

Currently, Warned Collectors has a small handful of games to choose from, with the plan to expand the collection over time. The list of games available on the site is below:

  • Boiling Bolt (PS4) from Too Kind Studio – 4,000 copies
  • Dungeon Rushers (PS4, Switch) from Goblinz Studio – 4,000 copies on PS4, 6,000 copies on Switch
  • Pankapu (Switch) from Persistant Studios – 6,000 copies

Additionally, you’ll be able to find some unique items in the future like a Collector’s Edition of Furi, which is set to launch in Spring of 2019. The Warned Collectors team is working with the French studio, The Game Breakers, to make this happen. From the look of things, Warned Collectors is a site in the same vein as Limited Run Games, offering a selection of limited edition physical copies of games that cannot be found elsewhere.

If you go to the company’s site now, there isn’t much there yet, but it’s a work in progress that should expand over time. As digital is on the rise, publishers like Limited Run Games and Warned Collectors are here to save the day, giving us opportunities to grab some rare physical games.

Is there anything you’ll be picking up? Let us know!

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