War Thunder Explodes onto Xbox

You may have missed this one as it snuck onto the marketplace like a ninja in the middle of the night,

War Thunder is a Free 2 Play (F2P)  MMO military game that has been out on PC and PS4 for a while now, Xbox One gamers gain early entrance into War Thunder by purchasing one of three War Thunder Founder’s Packs (£15.99/19,99€£44.99/59,99€ or £64.99/99,99€). All Founder’s Packs come with unique decals, titles, and at least one Xbox One exclusive premium vehicle, and the £64.99/99,99€ Access Pack contains all three exclusive vehicles (the XM-1 Chrysler tank, the F4U-4B Corsair aircraft of VMF-214 squadron, and the USS Bennion destroyer). For those willing to wait, War Thunder for Xbox One will release as a free-to-play game later in 2018.

War Thunder offers more than 1,000 highly detailed aircraft, ground forces and naval ships designed from historical documents and surviving sources to use in realistic competitive battles on 80 maps representing the real-life battle scenarios.

Players enjoy features such as astonishing graphics, authentic sounds effects, realistic weather, and vehicle damage models that transform the game into an almost lifelike simulation, all while conducting war seamlessly across platforms.


War Thunder offers intense PvP experiences in full-scale war at various difficulty settings for all play styles and degreeses of experience and PvE content adds cinematic historical campaigns and solo missions  Gaijin Entertainment continues its commitment to provide players with regular updates including new vehicles, maps, missions, and nations. For more information on War Thunder, please visit: https://warthunder.com/en

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Written by Robin Cope



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