The Walking Dead Season Three “A New Frontier” Episode 1 – 5 – Review

Telltale has returned to us with their Walking Dead series. Which to me is their best series that they have to offer? Season three has five episodes and boosts the return of our favorite young lady Clementine who has been a bit-part character in season one and the main protagonist in season two.

Season three brings us Javier who is an ex-baseball player who got fired due to his gambling problem. Javier has an older brother David who is in the military and David’s wife Kate, David has two kids from a previous relationship Mariana and Gabe.

What I will say about this Season is stuff that happened in the previous two seasons if you have played them will follow on in this season, if like me you forgot then you can do a reboot and choose what happened in the major choices and crack on from there. I’ll also note that throughout this playthrough you control Javier but have the occasional flashback moments with Clementine.

I won’t spoil anything but I will explain the episode but nothing I put will effect the outcome of what you may or may not choose. If you don’t already know Telltale make these games and they require very little skill to play, you just sit back and enjoy as the story unravels in front of your very eyes.

The game uses QTE (Quick Timed Events) and a timer on what and how you want your conversation to pan out, at times you’re required to move your characters around but only for a short distance. That’s the jest of it.

I will do this episode by episode instead of one whole blob of words.

Episode One – Ties That Bind Part 1

We begin the episode and season with Javier heading home to be with his family only to be met with abuse and a confrontation with Javier’s Brother David, Their father is sick and doesn’t have much time to live. But what they didn’t expect is for their beloved father had turned into a walker (Zombie) or as they like to call them Muertos and he kills their mother. Cue your first difficult decision… killing your own father. Good start Telltale.

It then pans out to the open road with Javier, Kate, Gabe, and Mariana. David is nowhere to be seen…did he die? Did he go a separate way to get help? all we know is that Javier has a lot of responsibility on his hands now. As they’re coasting across the country they need fuel so stop at a depot. After a bit of exploring they find out the depot belongs to a local group who aren’t happy with them trespassing on their property. They take you away and leave your family behind… I can already see how this is going.

On route to the base, a fallen tree blocks the path and forces the vehicle to crash. After a skirmish with the driver, you have a brash decision to make only to then be confronted by Clementine. Yep, she is back. She is older but not that much so the timeline must only be about three years after the events of Season Two.

After speaking to her she takes you to a local settlement but things take a nasty turn when Clem is confronted by a settler who has a beef with her. The results in you both being thrown in a cell (not the only time this happens in the season) While at the settlement you meet Tripp and Elanor, Tripp is the leader of the settlement and Elenor is the medic there. Whilst in the cell Tripp agrees to take you and Clem to the fuel depot in the morning but Elenor offers to help you slip out the back and head there in the night. The choice is yours. I’ve found that both offers don’t really have an effect on your story. When you head back to the fuel depot you find your family is being stalked by walkers, as you fend them off with Clem and Tripp or Elenor you’re all reunited but all hell breaks loose and the gang that took you before are back but in greater numbers. This scene was by far the hardest I’ve had to deal with since making Clem shot Lee way back in Season One. Mariana is picking up a cassette tape only to be shot in the face, I mean seriously she is a little girl and has been blasted in the face. in the aftermath of that Kate takes one in the gut and Gabe is shitting himself. Javier has to fight back or look after his family, this brings an end to the episode.

You can choose to play just the one episode and think meh I don’t like it but I highly recommend the season as it is immense.

I’m not going to write about the whole story but I will give me feedback as this kind of story has mass amounts of spoilers involved.

The characters used in this season are pretty good in regards to the novels, Jesus is involved and looks like he is in power with The Kingdom which is where we’re at with the TV series…who knows if they will match them up with what we have now?

A playlist of the trailers is below but watch at your own risk.

Episode One and Two

Episode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five

The Walking Dead A New Frontier Episodes 1-5 - Review
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Kick - Ass
Great Story
A Constant (Graphics, Controls etc.)
Ass - Kicked
Notifications still get in the way of the dialogue
Slight length in episode being released
Have to wait ages now for the next season!
Telltale smash is again!
What can I say? Telltale have a habit of making classics, their walking dead series are truly amazing and the story is told so well, never mind the fact that you're making the story yourself. The graphics have stayed the same from day one and the gameplay to boot. All I can say is this is a thrilling ride from episode one to five.

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