Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – Review

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Who hasn’t fantasised about being a member of elite special forces covert ops team, well now you can be with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands? As a member of an elite 4-man team, you will battle the drug cartels of Bolivia, ridding the country of these tyrants and killing with impunity along the way.

Ghosts emerge from the shadows striking terror into the hearts of the unsuspecting victim, then disappear like a puff of smoke, leaving behind death, destruction, and fear. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands lets you operate in a world that most of us would not survive in. Play solo using the AI Team, but be warned you are the intelligent one, while the Home Team AI are extremely proficient with their weapons, they don’t really think for themselves. If you give them an order it is done with precision and fines, but left to their own devices and you will be doing all the work, with them simply covering your back.

Team up with 3 of your friends and you have a completely different experience, the team that works together, wins together and teamwork is definitely the name of the game. Use your drone or binoculars to spot the enemy and recon the area, highlight up to 4 targets and synchronise your shots to take out the enemy team or the hierarchy allowing you to interrogate a target.

Call in friendly Rebels to assist you or cause a diversion, free prisoners being held and they will join the fight causing, even more, confusion. If subtlety is not your forte, then call in a mortar strike from the Rebels to reign death from above on an unsuspecting cartel team, leaving you free to pick off the stragglers or completing your in-game mission.

There are 21 regions of Bolivia each with a cartel boss and tons of weapons and mods for you to collect the best bit if you can explore from the off and there is no loading screen for the new areas you uncover.  and the graphic recreation of this ever-changing environment makes this game one of the best available at the moment. Whether it be the dense forests, the open salt flats, the scorching desert or the barren mountains the graphics in this game are stunning, to say the least. From factories, townships, temples and even ruins are captured in stunningly realistic detail.

The recreation of the weather and day and night cycles are excellent and dramatically impact on how the game plays and feels. Attacking at night in a heavy rainstorm will dramatically reduce the visibility of the enemy, although you are also affected by this, you will be able to sneak about easier. Time your shots right in a thunderstorm, and the enemy won’t hear the shots, even without a silencer, but if they find the body they will be alert and look for you, although sometimes the game will decide to make the body disappear, leaving nothing more than the weapon and a little pool of blood. This has its advantages, but if you have left the body in the open and are using it as a lure to ambush the enemy, then it’s not the best feature. Your character and equipment can be customised to let you look and play how you want to, by the end of the game you should have unlocked everything, but you can focus on stealth or strength, solo or team work until you have it all. You have the option of going to the Ubisoft Club where you get to unlock weapons and skins, depending on which version of the game you have purchased, and of course there is the Ubisoft Store where you can buy the Season pass and DLC, you can buy game credits which can then be used to get Vehicle packs, Featured Content, Ghost packs, Weapons packs, Attachment packs, cosmetic effects and boosts, but most of this can be acquired by playing the game and finding them.

Not everything in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is perfect, you have access to around 80 different vehicles, Cars, vans, motorbikes, 4×4’s, helicopters, gunships. Planes and boats. The controls for these vehicles are extremely basic, as is the response of the vehicles. You can drive a Toyota Hi-Lux van up a 1:3 gradient mountain, but trying to get a helicopter to go faster than 10 miles per hour is near impossible. One really good feature about the vehicles is as they become damaged they will deteriorate to the point where they are unusable or explode, and let’s be honest sitting in a burning helicopter or exploding 4×4 is not a good day out in anyone’s book. If you have unlocked and purchased the perk, you can parachute out of your helicopter or plane, a good idea if it’s on fire, or you have an incoming stinger. It’s also a good way of getting onto a target area quickly and quietly, you can use H.A.L.O. tactics and deploy the parachute at the last moment or H.A.H.O. by doing it quickly and drifting in on the target. You can control the parachute quite well by turning and even flaring, and when you land the character does a very cool role.

In a massive open world, you have total freedom to do any mission you like in any order that you chose, even when playing co-op, you can still go off and do you own thing, but I would not advise doing that in the harder areas of the game. Don’t expect to finish this game in a matter of hours, with a multitude of collectables Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands will keep you happy for weeks.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands - Review
I ain’t afraid of no Ghost
At the moment the only Online option is Co-Op and in my opinion, this is the best way to play the game. Join the war on the Bolivian Cartels, and immerse yourself in a hostile environment that will challenge and entertain you from the words “Go, Go, Go!!!”
Would I Play This Again?
Reader Rating2 Votes4.1
The Good
Massive open world game with a great story
More customisation than you can shake a stick at
Solo and co-op options to play the game
The Bad
Very poor vehicle controls
An irritating background sound track that you can’t turn off

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