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Claire The Extended Cut – Review

Claire: Extended Cut is a Psychological Horror and is a 2-dimensional platform game that uses pixel graphics and is based around a girl called Claire who is visiting her mother in a hospital.


The opening of the game is a purely text based read and hit the ‘A’ button, I got a little confused with this, as at this point you have no idea of who is who or what is going on. Claire awakens in the night and starts to look around her environment, she suddenly finds herself at the hospital where her mother is a patient.

Claire goes off to get herself a coffee and finds herself in a very creepy environment, spooky stuff starts to happen as Claire finds herself exploring her environment and getting scared witless by the variety of shadowy figures, monsters and creatures throughout the game.


The game is very dark and with the 2D Pixel images it is quite hard to see things properly, I found myself really straining to see what things were and what was going on. The lighting effects are quite good, although your lighter and torch don’t really light up much of the area so you find yourself having to go back over an area to fully search it looking for clues or items to pick up to help you progress through the game.

The sound in the game for me became quite irritating very quickly, the music helps to create a spooky environment which I would expect in a horror game, but the background sound is really nothing more than noise. For me, the sound added nothing to the game and in fact became irritating to the point it became a distraction.



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Earthlock Festival of Magic – Review

Well where to begin with this game I absolutely love it, Yes the story is a bit cheesy even cliché but the artwork, the gameplay, the battle system I love it all! It’s what final fantasy needs to get...