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Sonic Mania Review

So if you grew up in the 1990’s you will be familiar with the sound of SEEEEEGGGGGAAAA as you turned on your console and then the beat of the intro music to Sonic the Hedgehog. I can still hear it now just thinking back to when i first played it, well goods news you can now relive that in Sonic Mania all that nostalgia comes flooding back as soon as you load up the game. From the catchy intro music and Sonic and Tails flying in on the start of the game


Sonic Mania lets you play through the original settings due to the remastered levels as well as some new designed levels, You take control of Sonic to start with but also get to play as Tails and Knuckles in this instalment, bringing together the team from the first 4 releases of the game.

A must for all Adults if you ask me

The game keeps to its true 2D Side scrolling 16 bit look and feels just like it always has, from spinning as your fired along the level from springboards to the fights against the enemies, this is truly a full Sonic the Hedgehog adventure.

The bonus levles are still there after you collect a certain amount of rings and also hit the checkpoint marker just jump through the star ring and your whisked off to a world full of red and blue spheres, but remember don’t hit the red ones other wise this will end the level.

Overall the game is still fun to play and has some fantastically designed levels. A must for all Adults if you ask me but kids will love it too.



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Sonic Mania was provided to us by the develop in return for an honest review




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Firstly I’d like to thank Warner for this gem of a game! It has been out since 2014 but I’ve only got my mitts on it recently picking up the Game of the year edition for £24.99 on the Xbox...

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