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Project Cars 2 Review

Many of my reviews start with an irrelevant story or me recounting what happened during the process of reviewing the game, but here’s the thing project cars 2 doesn’t and shouldn’t have any of that bolted onto it. 

From the moment the game is booted the immersion begins the sweeping over head view of a track, the cars fighting for grip on a track in the rain, it’s all there and it’s exciting, awe inspiring and it there for the taking. 

The career mode is set out like a tree and you the player have to start at the bottom and work your way up through the lower classes.  Yes you can start in open wheeled if that’s your buzz or carts if you fancy or like me ginetta junior’s.   

Project cars 2 is the game to play if you think you are good and want to prove it where as other games, make you” feel” like your good. 


The track selection is really very impressive, with famous tracks from all over the world but what particularly impressed me was the British tracks that normally get over looked but are featured in events like the clio cup.  This year knock hill makes an appearance  (what a track by the way) as well as the favourites like monza and Cataluña. 

Also this year the introduction of rally cross is here in all its glory, this for the un initiated is the mix of fast track racing and rally all mixed into 1 on closed circuits of mixed surfaces.  It’s heart pounding adrenaline fuelled racing that’s as intense to watch as it is to race. 

The dynamic weather again adds an other level of challenge and realism, it is active though out the entire career and I have experienced weather changes in the practice, qualified and race sessions so be prepared for the unexpected. 

There is also an in car menu to change some setting on the fly like abs strength, traction control intensity, pit orders, pit strategy and request a pit stop 

Graphically Project Cars 2 is a clear progression from its predecessor and the lighting effects are at times truly amazing.  I did find that my day 1 Xbox had problems handling the game with all the effects switched on and noticed some frame rate drop when playing especially when many cars where immediately in the vicinity of my car, non of these issues where present when I played it on an Xbox one S.  

Again the sound is head and shoulders above the previous instalment it’s crisp clear and the 5.1 adds to the intensity  and immersion.  Thankfully it worked straight away with no need for patching this time. 

The only issues other than the original Xbox one struggling to run with all effects on without loosing some frames rate during busy times that I came across was ( this may of been to do with preview program though), wheel calibration and support.  For me personally this isn’t a major thing as I have always used a pad, but for many it’s has been a massive thing.  From just reading the forums the dev are working hard to address the issues but users are expressing frustration that hardware that was boasted as 100% compatible is working correctly, with reports of unpredictable force feed back and erratic results on input.  Overall when these issues are addressed this will be the purists racing simulator.   


While other racing games in the marketplace seem to be dumbing down from simulation to more arcade style racers to appeal to the masses, project cars 2 is sticking to its roots and is remaining a game that requires skill, commitment and a need to learn each and every class of car to become good at them.  Project cars 2 is the game to play if you think you are good and want to prove it where as other games, make you” feel” like your good. 


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