State Of Decay 2 – Review

I recently got my hands on this way ahead of release and found the game was plagued with glitches and gameplay issues, but what do you expect from a game that is being played at least two weeks before its actual release. State of Decay 2 (SOD2) is, in my opinion, a true survival horror game brought to us by Undead Labs and has been in production for nearly three years. The last outing was limited to what you could do but in its second outing, you have so much freedom to create your base and assign outposts to aid your community that always needs tending to.

You start with two generic characters that will have very basic perks/abilities which can be improved through gameplay whilst playing the game fully. From the likes of endurance to shooting and melee. All characters have the same four abilities with one free slot that you can choose from textbooks you find in the territory you’re playing in.

You start off making a home base which you need to supply with buildings that can aid you survival from the likes of an infirmary to a workshop to beds. All buildings require materials which you can find in the abandoned buildings. New to SOD2 is the viewpoints these are phone masts to billboards where you scout the area you’re in and identify new areas to raid for supplies. When doing that you can also identify threats like hordes that form, special zombies like Ferals, Screamers, Bloaters and Juggernauts. With them there is also a new plague (Blood Plague) these zombies are all red and one touch will give you the disease, the more you’re hit the worse it gets, once it gets too much you have 3 actual hours to get back to your base and administer a cure. To cure your survivor you need plague samples which can be found from dead plague zombies and plague hearts.

Plague hearts are the main focus of progression in the game you have to clear out the infestations to clear the territory of the disease. Then you can begin to complete your leader’s dream. Leaders are new to the community this time you nominate a leader to lead your community and depending on their traits you do their specific missions, you have Builders, Traders, Warlords & Sheriffs that can choose but once you make him/her leader you can’t change it so beware.

The territory is based on influence you gain from completing missions and also killing zombies. The more you get the bigger the base you can obtain. With a bigger base, you can have better buildings and more of them. As a community, you can aid other survivors in the areas by helping them with plagues hearts, infestations and supplying them with supplies and weapons. When you’re allied with them you get perks from your radio. The radio is an issue for me it makes the game really easy if you’re stuck looking for supplies just radio in for the whereabouts and then you can find some… I’m sure that is something Rick would love in the Walking Dead? Also where and how the hell do they know?

The combat in the game it the same as it was in the previous and also the driving is untouched but it feels very glitchy in areas, you can find your car stuck really easy and if you’re too far from your base or outpost you’re fucked! I’ve had many buggy moments where the driving has just spun me in the air but this is an early build so it is expected, there was a patch recently as Tuesday which has fixed some issues like zombies dropping from the air like God sent them down to us to flatten or behead.

With all the games flaws and glitches the game is enjoyable and keeps you entertained for hours. With the added Online options of Co-Op play added to the mix, you can have heaps of fun with your friends or randoms that need help. The help you can offer to others is through a flare and you can be a superhero and answer the call. My only flaw with the online side is most of the glitches and lag spikes rear their ugly head during the online element of the game. You can’t claim resources either which is annoying but anything you find you keep, the loot is tallied up between the number of players and it is coded by colour.

State Of Decay 2 – Review
All in all, I really enjoyed SOD2 and would recommend it to any survival horror fans. It has a sandbox element to it which makes it so open, you do what you want to do. You can become a hostile community or you can break your back helping others while keeping your community alive. Survival is KEY!
Would I Play This Again?
Reader Rating2 Votes3.15
Great Open Areas
Loads to explore
Deep searching for resources
Glitches make the game unplayable at times
Online could be better

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