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Finally, we have a spider-man game on the next-gen consoles. Insomniac has provided us with a beauty, unfortunately, the game is exclusive to PlayStation but for Sony users that’s a good thing after playing Spider-man, I wouldn’t want to share either!

Peter Parker swings around NYC with grace and at great speeds, the game flows so well with a gripping story full of twists and turns that would have any Marvel fans mouth watering. The game features many characters that have been a part of the franchise over the years from Otto Octavius to Norman Osborne both making cameos to the constant villains like Mister Negative, Rhino and Kingpin and many more. The game introduces them really well and with all the big characters the game is fully focused on them. You have so much to do in a perfectly captioned NYC with all the real landmarks as well as Marvel specific landmarks like Avengers Tower and Dr Stranges Sanctum Sanctorum. You even have The defenders landmarks like Jessica Jones apartment block to Luke cages bar he works in. Each landmark you reach gives you tokens as does stopping street crimes and helping Harry Osborne with his environmental tasks, you even earn research tokens helping Otto in the research lab last of the tokens are base tokens from clearing bases held by enemies. All these tokens help to unlock one of many suits that Parker can wear on his mission to keep NYC safe.

The outfits are one of the best features for me, you have some prototypes like a mock-up of Mister Negatives effects which you can use as a power in combat to aid you as well as movie used suits like the Iron Spider suit from Infinity war to the MK suit which Tony Stark gives parker in Homecoming the film. You can unlock all these suits by reaching stages in the game and unlocking them with tokens apart from the final suit which needs the whole games completed 100%, which is hard but doable.

More uses for the tokens are to unlock and upgrade gadgets that Peter can use in combat situations like heavy web attacks and spread shots to concussive shots to knock out enemies. Added to these you gain ability points to upgrade Peter which is very useful it is a small skill tree that you can complete by gaining XP from missions and challenges throughout NYC. The challenges are various like swing at a certain height for a certain amount of time, these are good to use to level up quick at the start and also helps you get you swinging mastery level down to a tee.

Combat is a major focus in this game and it doesn’t disappoint, the combat is fluent and is very similar to the Batman Arkham Games. Visually you have a great game that shows you all the areas you want but I felt there were many dark spots in the game that affected my view, this may be because my PS4 contrast setting at jacked up or the game just isn’t that rich in colours in certain points in the game. Although I have found this with other games. They have been reports from the early access to the game at E3 where there was various water effects on the ground and mirrored with the full release of the game they have been removed.

Bases are a good way to earn XP and also hone your craft as a masterful web-slinger, you have various approaches from stealth to all-out the attack and they’re based on waves, each wave is harder and more challenging but it adds to the fun.

Insomniac has done really well to capture the realism to the game from the films and the comic series, with new characters getting cameos and bosses acting and looking very realistic. There is DLC that is relatively cheap and adds an extra few missions with the added boss Tombstone which is a great battle and fun mission standpoint to start from as the missions aren’t that hard.

As I mentioned with the suits you many to choose from but each has perks, the MK suit from Stark you get the spider bro which is a small drone that attacks the a.i. for a short spell of time and you can focus your attacks on the electrified foes to rack up a tidy combo.

The story narrative is very engaging and tells a great story from start to finish and you learn to understand the weight on Peter Parker’s shoulders from balancing his personal life to the safety of the city which he has taken upon himself to carry out. The story is very interesting as it follows a story arc that I have read many times and have loved it every time so having the ability to play it out was truly a dream. I just hope there is a sequel as I can’t wait for another fours years for another game!

Swinging has never been better, you can parkour through escape hatches and sprint up buildings as well and jump push yourself across buildings.

Spider-Man – Review
Go Get Em' Tiger!
Overall the game was engaging from start to finish and was a very satisfying game to play. It ran very smoothly on the PS4 and the movement of Peter was like I was watching a film play out on my console. I’m a sucker for easter eggs and the game is filled with them, from other characters cameos to mentions of other villains to landmarks having a significant effect on the layout of the game. Even the little quips from Peter throughout the game where he is chasing a pigeon, he says “I bet Thor doesn't do this for the Avengers” small things like that are nice little touches that maintain the humour in a great story.
Would I Play This Again?
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Great Story
Quirky and true to Spider-Man
Loads to do
Swinging Mechanics are amazing
Some missions are repeatable later in the game!
Needs more content to make up for four year wait!

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