SNK 40th Anniversary Collection PS4 Release Date Set for Spring

Previously released on the Nintendo Switch, the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is now making its way to the PlayStation 4. You can get your dose of pixelated nostalgia when it releases on March 19, 2019.

Back in December 2018, the Nintendo Switch version of the collection got a free, eleven game update. That means there’s a chance even more games could be added in the future.

Below is a complete list of the games currently available in the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection.

  • Alpha Mission (console & arcade versions)
  • Athena 
  • Beast Busters (arcade versions)
  • Bermuda Triangle (arcade versions)
  • Chopper I (arcade versions)
  • Crystalis (console version)
  • Fantasy (arcade versions)
  • Ikari Warriors (console & arcade versions)
  • Ikari III The Rescue (console & arcade versions)
  • Guerrilla War (console & arcade versions)
  • Munch Mobile (arcade versions)
  • OZMA Wars (arcade versions)
  • Paddle Mania (arcade versions)
  • P.O.W (console & arcade versions)
  • Prehistoric Isle (arcade versions)
  • Psycho Soldier (arcade versions)
  • SAR Search and Rescue (arcade versions)
  • Sasuke vs Commander (arcade versions)
  • Street Smart (arcade versions)
  • Time Soldiers (arcade versions)
  • TNK III (console & arcade versions)
  • Vanguard (arcade versions)
  • Victory Road (console & arcade versions)
  • World Wars (arcade versions)

The trailer above shows three people crowded around a screen taking turns with these arcade classics. Some gameplay footage is interspersed throughout. The most notable aspect of this trailer is the fact that it’s stylized like a commercial from the 70’s or 80’s, in keeping with the games it’s showcasing. The results are cheesy but charming.

Will you be picking up the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection when it comes to the PlayStation 4 on March 19, 2019? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: YouTube]

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