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Elder Scrolls Online… Fallout 4… Doom… these are just a few stand out games that Bethesda has released since 11th November 2011. Why that exact date you ask? Well that was when one of the best RPG games I’ve had the pleasure of playing was released. Yes Skyrim was released all those years ago and has had the pleasure of being remastered for the next gen consoles with the addition of mods like Fallout before it, you can now do some of the madness that PC gamers have been able to do for years.

Now are Bethesda holding out for extra money to finance their next installment of the Elder Scrolls games? Or are they teasing us like they did with Fallout 4? All I can say is a new Elder Scrolls games is needed, don’t get me wrong this remaster with all the released DLC is great to fill a void and brings back so many memories but the fans want new content, they want a new story. Developers are busy now remastering games it’s like the movie franchise rebooting old films with new visuals. Don’t make the games community stale which this crap, please! Anyway back to the review.


Skyrim has been boosted with updated visuals and crisp sounds to boot, I don’t normally focus heavily on sound with games but my god they have hit the nail on the head with this reboot, I literally feel like I’m in the game at times, the dragon cries and surrounding town folk nattering away with each other really brings the game to life. With the visuals, it looks warmer and sharper in places but I still found frame drops especially when running, I’d find the stamina bar flickering like it is trying to keep up…FYI I’m not that fast!

They have kept the story the same as it is a reboot, the story follows your created character as you complete quests across Skyrim, The Dragons have returned and you’re the only hope to keep warring factions from tearing the world apart. A Civil War is upon us you need to help keep them sweet as you head into battle with the dragons.

Your character is Dragonborn…no it doesn’t mean he is a dragon, but he can absorb their souls after they kill them, you learn shouts that only dragons can do which allow you to use in battle, some have area effects and other just chuck your enemy around the battlefield.

Skyrim in 2011 was a masterpiece, in 2016 sadly it isn’t, I personally think Bethesda would have been better off making a totally new game instead of cashing in on Skyrim, they could’ve easily made it backward compatible, instead of asking fans to fork out £50 for it again. I’d only own this game for nostalgic reasons as it brings back memories and Bethesda if you want to uncover some other hidden memories re-release Oblivion. Again these are games that could be on backward compatibility not REMASTERED!


Skyrim also had DLC which was released on all platforms and is included in this edition, you have Dawnguard where you either side with the Vampires or become a clone of Blade and hunt them down, you have Hearthfire which allowed you to build your own house, get married and adopt kids and the last piece of DLC was Dragonborn which is access after the game’s main story.

The DLC is good to include but again, I brought the game back in 2011 and also bought all the DLC so now do they want me to buy it all again? Come on man! It’s bad enough that you have to fork out double for season passes and other additional content these days but developers want you to buy the full game again and then throw the DLC in like yeah have this as well.

I feel like I’m getting on a rant here as this really has gotten my blood boiling.

skyrim-se-2They turn a game that I love and enjoy and in a Remaster have made it a cash cow! It’s a shame I’m just hoping that the next game Bethesda release on the Elder Scrolls Saga is a real beauty as Fallout looked nice in parts but it felt really dull, some of the textures they managed to capture in this remaster really has me wanting more but please let it be a new and fresh game. Like when Fallout 4 came out you got Fallout 3 Backwards Compatibility version why not if you bought Skyrim you got Oblivion as well?

Never mind review over and rant suppressed…for now.

Skyrim Remastered
Did we really need a remaster of this classic?
Bethesda have made an old game look nice again but have failed to bring it to life like it did when it was originally released which is a shame as Skyrim really have great moments that put it in the top 5 RPG’s. Visually it is warm and crisp and it sounds magnificent. It’s just a pain that lovers of the game have to pay over the odds for a remastered version of a game with the DLC added.
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Amazing Visuals
Revisiting a classic
Vast Open World
I feel this is a cash cow for Bethesda

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