Rise of the survival gamer The Pros and Cons of Survival Gaming

Greeting noble readers! Apologies for the lengthy silence, I’ve had one heck of a week and I’m currently mashing the dim screen button to save my splitting head from the ravages of light sensitivity brought on from an over indulgence of alcohol…that being said I will gather my thoughts and try to spew out an article worth your time and hopefully just that and not my breakfast.

arkforarticleNow, I know “survival gamer” is at best a vague term. Seeing as the goal of most games is to survive, to survive means you have the necessary skill set to complete a game. What I mean is those gamers who choose to play survival genre games. What are these you ask? Well I’m glad you did. Survival games, are mostly early-access games on the PC, while I know some have made their way onto console and are some what more polished than the early access games pc gamers are used.

With that in mind what am I loosely and probably inaccurately dubbing a “survival” game. Well, for me my first experience with a survival game was Minecraft. Okay, yes, it’s mostly a creative game but with the inclusion of the survival mode it fits, quite loosely. Minecraft was the first game I had ever played where I had to keep character fed to stay alive. Sure I had played games that included food, but the food was consumed for a buff, a beneficial effect. Now yes, Minecraft is not an early access game, it’s one of the more widespread games in the world by this point, well one would imagine at least, but I’m getting off topic here. If minecraft was your first experience of a survival game, where you had to gather resources, build and farm with them to keep the game going long enough for the player to build some grand designs and share them with other gamers through Youtube.  Eventually, people began hosting servers for minecraft, that were set to have the same set of rules as a survival mode game, keep yourself fed, build survive. What we saw during this time was two classes of players rise. Those that would co-operate, build together and play games. The other, griefers, players who drew enjoyment from being a general nuisance to the rest of the population. This behaviour became less widespread thanks to servers being moderated and there in lies part of the problem with other survival games.

2786309-ss_68662553c1fef560eb0294955c088ea904f306f8.1920x1080Rust allows the player to make a home base, weapons, anything need to keep themselves fed and watered. It’s bears and wolves you need to be wary of not Creepers or spiders, oh, and the other players. Yeah, Rust much like other online games has it own unique culture of players, to say the least. You can spend a good hour or two murdering your neighbours only to be co operating with them later. That’s how my friends and I would befriend players in Rust. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

DayZMind, early on into the game itself is brutal. Spawning in your birthday suit, brandishing a rock as though your life depended on it as it often did. It was no help at all. But it was a special rock, there was many like it, but this one was mine. My rock was my best friend, managed to loose it.  After being murdered three or four times, within twenty minutes, you begin to pick it up. You hit a tree with your stone you get wood, some one kills you. You hit a  bigger rock with your rock; you get stone and metal,dead again. you grab at cannabis to get hemp, make clothes, eaten by bear. You get tooled up It’s the player base that makes this difficult