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Survival horror is a genre in games that has been around for quite some time, I first came across it in 1996 when Capcom first allowed me to control either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield in the still amazing Resident evil this was the first in many Resident Evil games. Some people will say that since Resident evil 2 the games have been quite stale. I didn’t enjoy Nemesis (number 3) I enjoyed 4 but found it packed with too much action and less fear. Since then they have basically been copies of the over the top movies. Well, 2017 and Capcom have re-instilled fear into its games with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

The demo alone was scary in places and filled with multiple endings that also carried over to the full game. This was a really good idea by Capcom. I managed to complete the demo and get the dirty coin…i’m yet to know what it is used for, though. So the full game is now out and due to its camera angle only being in a first person perspective many fans were slamming Capcom for this, personally, I think the camera view in RE7 is quality and really gives the player that view of fear in the game. The camera shakes and the rooms are lit up with a small torch so you will find yourself constantly spinning around thinking someone is following you…well I did anyway.

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I’ve gone ahead of myself here I haven’t introduced the main protagonist, you control Ethan Winters, he is looking for his wife Mia who has been missing for three years but suddenly gets into contact with him asking to meet him at this remote location in Dulvey, Louisiana. I know sounds weird, I’d have moved on by now and found me a new missus but Ethan wants to find her and so our story begins. Ethan arrives at an abandoned house owned by the Bakers, throughout the game you learn more about them but from the early stories there are many missing people in the last two years and they go missing around this area, the members of the baker’s family are, Jack, his wife Marguerite their son Lucas, they’re all deranged and borderline the resemplence of the family in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The game has amazing visuals and the way the game is controlled is really realistic which I like but there are some issues during the game you will find yourself playing cat and mouse with the enemies but most of the time I found that they were a lot faster than me this raised my heart rate to max but it also annoyed me to the extent that I just decided to waste all my ammo getting rid of them but only to find them pop back up again. The visuals are top notch with the dark and eerie setting really captured well, you seriously feel like you’re in the game or the house being stalked, I’ve not felt fear like this in a long time the game asks you to use the shadows to your advantage, but in the early scenes I was too scared to even look for them. Controlling Ethan is really easy and some consoles also have VR integrated into the game with more new avenues for gamers to tackle although the thought of playing Resident Evil 7 in VR scares the shit out of me. Resident Evil 7 really the epitome of survival horror, you have limited weapons and ammo is scarce as is health, there aren’t many enemies but when they do arrive you should just run and hide, I’ve found tackling them head on is just dangerous…too dangerous.

RE7 has puzzles but not enough to warrant it like the early Resident Evil games there is a nice hat tilt to the first game with the puzzle to get the Shotgun, though, I haven’t found the like the mind boggling puzzle in the demo with the dummy finger, the main game has more that you need to overcome to progress. I haven’t completed the game yet but sources claim that it is a 15-hour game but Capcom has promised DLC for the game some free and some part of the season pass.

I’m in two minds about this next part as RE7 has no online options so the co-op is now not included but after playing RE7 you can’t really have co-op so it makes sense. I always find co-op games are fairly easy to complete anyway. At least I can shit my pants on my own now…sigh.

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I touched on the camera angle at the start of the review and as mentioned a lot of fans were against this, me personally I think it is class and really builds fear for the players, you never know what is behind you and it also gives the player a real authentic playing experience.

The sound of the game is top notch, the thumps in the house are heard throughout, I did find a few miss aligning lips to words but apart from that, the sound effects are quality you can here blade slice through flesh when either attacking or being attacked.

The guns sound real to life and handle quite similar also, you don’t have mass amounts of weapons at your disposal this time neither do you have the soothing save room music, but you have a tape recorder you can save your game with but it’s not the same. Some of the weapons at your disposal are a host of handguns and shotguns,  a few machine guns and a grenade launcher and flame thrower…oh and don’t forget the melee weapons from hunting knives to chainsaws. 

Resident Evil 7 was reviewed on the Xbox One but is also available on PS4 (with VR) and PC.

*Warning the below video may contain spoilers*

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - Review
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Amazing Graphics
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Controls work really well
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Parts of the game felt clunky
Having to constantly change my underwear
Losing my voice screaming
All this aggro for a woman.
RE7 is a great game and it seems from the off that you’re getting yourself into a right mess all for a woman you haven’t seen for three years, I think the story could have been better like maybe they were camping in a remote area and then the baker family kidnap them and Ethan is forced to find his wife and escape but he unfolds the plot etc. Just a thought from me there. The game plays very well and looks beautiful, the fear factor is well and truly back in the hands of Capcom and RE7.

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