Resident Evil 6 Review

Resident Evil 6 is the latest in the long running Resident Evil Franchise from Capcom. Remastered for Xbox One and PS4, Resident evil 6 still stands up as a great game to play however falls short on some of Resident Evil’s greatest tropes.

Resident Evil 6 includes 4 different campaigns that follow series regulars Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Sherry Birkin and Ada Wong. Each of these campaigns can be played single player with an AI Partner or in Full Co-op. The co-op experience is fantastic! Both Local and Online co-op is supported and it feels great. Nothing beats shouting at your friend because he won’t save your life only to realise he has no ammo…  The Single-player experience is quite disappointing however as the AI can get in the way or just be outright unhelpful in a fight.

Resident evil 6 bears similarities in gameplay to Resident Evil 4 and 5 respectively but adds a few new features that make the gameplay a little more satisfying. In previous games, you could not walk and shoot at the same time, well now you can (Innovation!) however whilst this is a nice feature it detracts from the survival horror aspects of the previous games. No more do you have to decide whether to stop and shoot or run because you can do both at the same time and I’m not sure I’m okay with that. Speaking of “Run and Gun”, only one of the campaigns actually involves fighting Zombies (the series headline enemy). Instead you are fighting the extremely annoying J’avo who mutate whenever you shoot them. This was disappointing as I had bought a Zombie game and was fighting generic Gun-toting enemies. Many of the series favourites are gone in this sequel. No more Lickers or Tyrants, just guys with machine guns who tank bullets endlessly.  Many of the Cutscenes also include starge QTE sequences which keep the cutscenes engaging but there is an option to turn them off which makes them quite redundant.

The survival horror aspect of the franchise is ultimately destroyed when the game gives you high abundances of ammo and enemies who can happily eat two or three shotgun shots before dying. This coupled with the large amounts of enemies you fight in each fight (which happen every few minutes) makes for a repetitive experience. The environments you fight in are also very open and easy to maneuver which is nice until you realise that the original game is set in tight corridors or small rooms (albeit in a isometric camera).

For a remaster, Resident evil 6 does not look much better that its last-gen counterpart. Many of the character models have been updated but a lot of the textures on the enemies and environments is just ugly. The texture quality varies as I found that Leon’s campaign looked better that Chris’s which looked better than Ada’s. Its very inconsistent which is troubling. The HUD is actually nicely set up but hard to use as it changes from character to character. Sometimes it’s a grid, sometimes its a radial menu. It’s as though this is 4 different games bundled into one.

Sound has always been very important in Resident Evil as it keeps you on edge and adds to the atmosphere. Resident Evil 6 does not borrow from this and instead favours loud gun sounds and adventurous music. Both of which don’t fit the genre of the game or the franchise as a whole.

Resident Evil 6 is currently priced at £15.99 on the Xbox Marketplace which is fair for a remaster but is a little too much unless you are playing this Co-op. Resident evil 4 and 5 are both getting a remaster later in the year.

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