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Radical Heights Dev Calls Out Epic Over Employee Poaching

The recent announcement of Boss Key Production’s battle royale shooter Radical Heights may not have gone down well with Fortnite developer Epic Games, if Cliff Bleszinski’s tweets are anything to go by. The LawBreakers and Gears of War director publicly called out his former company over employee poaching yesterday.

Bleszinski then said in a subsequent tweet that there’s enough room in the genre for more than a few games, implying that Epic sees Radical Heights, which is in very early stages of development, as a potential competitor to Fortnite.

Last December, Boss Key co-founder Arjan Brussee left the developer to re-join Epic Games after 20 years to work on a secret project. Bleszinski wished him well and said that they parted ways on good terms.

Radical Heights is currently in “x-treme early access” for free on Steam. Boss Key has said that it’ll eventually look into a console release but that’s a ways off.

Epic Games hasn’t responded to Bleszinski’s tweets.

[Via: Ars Technica]

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