Ultimate PubG For Newbies Guide

PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds, or PUBG, is a video game rapidly gaining popularity and more skilled players. If you are tired of losing every time you play an online match, the tips below can help you raise your PUBG game to a new level. We’ll start chronologically, giving you tips in the order you could use them online.

1. Select The Right Landing Zone



Every PUBG match begins with all of the players jumping out of a plane and into the battlefield. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time to admire the game’s graphics. Expert players are already planning their strategy in this opening segment.

The in-game map, Erangel, is huge, offering a lot of different areas to begin your campaign. You can pick which one you start in by right-clicking your intended destination to place a marker on your map.

You start the game with no weapons or armor, so acquiring these items should be your first priority. Loot-rich areas include The Villa and Novorepnoye Port to the south, Georgopol Hospital and Containers in the North, the central Rozhok School, and Military Island. This is fairly common knowledge, however, so you should expect to face considerable competition from the very beginning of the match if you try for one of these areas.

We’ve had the most luck by avoiding other players early in the game. Loot is not as plentiful in other areas, but the reduced competition means that you get almost as much as you would in a “better” area. There is also less risk of dying before you’re ready to go, ensuring that you have the time to utilize the tips below.

2. Control Your Descent


As you free fall to your intended starting area, you can look around using FreeLook (accessed by holding down the Alt key) to scout where some of the competition is headed. You want to have an area to yourself if possible, so be ready to zig if a lot of other players are zagging to your destination of choice.

You can’t adjust your descent’s start time after you leap out of the plane, but you do have some control over where you end up. To cover additional ground, hold the “W” key while pointing your camera in the direction you want to move toward. FreeLook is important as you’re doing this, as you’ll change course while looking around if you don’t use it. Alternatively, you can get into the action faster by holding “W” while your camera is pointing directly at the ground. This is an appealing option to get a head start on your looting before other players have landed.

You can also take this time to discover any vehicles in your general proximity. Riding in a vehicle is like an enemy magnet, but it still pays to know where they are in case your team needs them or your foes ride them against you.

3. Let The Looting Begin!



When you land, the quest for loot begins immediately! There are three things that you should prioritize in your search: a backpack, weapons, and armor. Backpacks should be among your earliest priorities, as your inventory space is too limited to hold everything you need without one. They are available in three Levels, with Level 3 as the option offering the most space.

Most items you pick up are automatically stored inside your backpack, but things you wear (such as a helmet or backpack) automatically equip instead. You do not want to inadvertently equip an inferior item, so pay attention to every piece of equipment you find. Don’t be afraid to upgrade if possible at any point in the match, either.


Next up, you need to find a weapon. Most playstyles demand at least two: a long range option such as an assault rifle or sniper rifle, and a shorter range armament such as a submachine gun or shotgun. Having access to both guarantees that you’ll have the weapon for whatever type of conflict is ahead.

Speaking of which, you should learn from our mistakes and load your firearms with ammo as soon as you collect them. Many players forget to or decide to do it later, and end up shot to death because the weapon they were relying on for protection failed to fire. You should also ensure that your weapon is set to the firing mode you are mostly likely to need. It’s disadvantageous if your Uzi can only fire one shot at a time in the middle of an intense firefight, after all.

At this point you’re probably wondering, “What’s the best loot I can find?” The answer varies based on your playstyle, but the AKM assault rifle is a beast at short or medium range if you can deal with its significant recoil. The M16 is excellent if you’re looking for a longer range weapon, and nothing tops the sheer stopping power offered by the Karabiner 98 Kurz or Kar98.

Your weapons can also be upgraded with add-ons such as scopes to dramatically improve their effectiveness. Many lesser arms become viable with the right add-ons attached, so keep your eyes opened for these valuable enhancements from the very beginning of the match. For example, the M16 mentioned above benefits tremendously from an upgraded scope.

Melee weapons are largely useless in a game dominated by guns, but you should pick up a frying pan if you happen to come across one. Your avatar stores the cooking utensil on his back, where it can actually deflect the occasional gunshot so that you can live to fight another day. Otherwise, melee weapons are a waste of your looting time.


Finally, armor is available in two forms: helmets and bullet-proof jackets. Like backpacks, they come in three levels with Level 3 offering the best protection. Helmets protect you from a head shot and (usually) disintegrate after use. Snipers are extremely common in PUBG, so try to never enter an enemy-infested area without one equipped. Only Level 3 helmets protect you from a face shot, so prioritize them in your search for head ware.

Bullet-proof jackets are not actually bullet proof, they simply reduce the damage you take. Still, every bit of damage mitigation helps as you try to outlast your rivals. Keep an eye on your jacket’s Durability score, as you will be naked if it drops to zero in the middle of combat. Trust us–it’s not a good feeling.

4. Focus On The Edges Of The Map First



PUBG players know that the map gradually shrinks over time, expediting gameplay by forcing rivals into closer proximity to each other. Pros know exactly when the map will shrink and plan accordingly. The first time zone lasts five minutes, the second three and a half, and the third two and a half. The fourth and fifth time zones each last two minutes, the sixth and seventh a minute and a half, and the eighth a minute.

Novices frequently cluster toward the middle of the map to rack up kills and avoid the shrinking map entirely, but somebody else looking for a high number of kills usually takes them out in the early stages of the game. Should they survive, they never get to loot areas on the fringes of the battlefield, leaving them under-equipped relative to players who spent more time exploring.

Experts approach the situation in the opposite manner. They explore the fringes for all of the goodies they offer, ensuring the best possible gear for the final showdown. They also know that the damage you take from being in an area after its time has expired scales up over the course of the match. While it’s near instantaneous death in the final minute, you can actually survive for up to three minutes in the first zone after the first five minutes have elapsed. This allows them to take free shots at the less experienced gamers fleeing from a map border that isn’t actually all that dangerous yet.

It should be noted that this knowledge is becoming more widespread among the PUBG player base, making it less of an advantage than it used to be. The outskirts of the map are becoming increasingly common hunting locations for those looking to rack up kills, so be sure to watch your back when taking advantage of the tactic above. You also need to watch your health, as remaining outside the boundary will kill you eventually.

5. Fear The Opened Door


All buildings in PUBG begin with closed doors, so any building with opened doors has already been entered and looted by another player. If you need to enter a building with a previously opened door, be prepared for the ambush that may be waiting for you.

Some players actively close doors behind them when they leave a building, so a closed door does not completely eliminate the possibility of an ambush either. The best way to defend against either type of ambush is to hold down the CTRL key as you move. This allows you to sneak around, minimizing the noise that the other players are counting on to learn of your presence.

6. Stay Silent


PUBG is an old enough game for experienced players to know the value of sound. Turning up your game’s audio to the maximum while wearing a good gaming headset is enough to let you hear footsteps across a grassy field or the distant roar of a vehicle’s engine, a great tool for when you are hunting enemies to kill.

You should also keep this in mind while scouting around. Get in the habit of sneaking around whenever enemies are nearby, including when you are approaching a loot box. You can also crouch or go prone to avoid enemy detection, increasing your chances of slipping through undetected.

7. Heal Up Efficiently


PUBG has two items to restore your health in a pinch: bottles of painkillers and energy drinks. Time is frequently of the essence when you need these restorative items, and many players have died bringing up their inventory screens to access them. They died for naught, as you do not need to access your inventory to utilize these life-saving items.

Instead, the game automatically maps any health-boosters you have to the 7, 8, 9, and 0 keys in sequence. A quick press of the key is all you need to stay in the fight, so stop wasting precious seconds going through your inventory screen when you need to heal.


Following these tips will help you boost your ranking on the PUBG ladder, but they won’t be enough to get you into the top tier. The best of the best are always learning, adapting to what other players know while exploiting everything they don’t. The only way to get that good is to practice frequently, so jump online at every opportunity!

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