NBA Live 18 – Review

NBA Live 18 is the most recent title released from EA in their sports franchise that dates back to the early 90s. Like Fifa it has an opponent in Pro Evo NBA Live has NBA 2K18 from 2K sports which was also released recently and actually they were relatively close to one another upon release.

For years NBA 2K has been the daddy in the world of NBA with their amazing MyPlayer mode and great gameplay the game just felt right but this year NBA Live seems to have learned from past mistakes and in my opinion have made one great basketball game.

The visuals are stunning and lifelike, sweat streams down the skin of the players when they’re playing, the visuals look out of this world, it boasts an amazing soundtrack which just flows throughout the game. For lovers of Hip Hop, you will find yourself bobbing your head along without even knowing. If you’re not a fan then you can take advantage of the free Spotify app and play your own music while you play…if that isn’t good enough then sorry to say tough shit. Basketball over the years has become a predominantly black sport you will notice from the hairstyles you choose when creating your player, the sport is followed by many Rappers so the flow between both genres goes down really well.

They have introduced the game as The One, you can be the One on the hardtop in the NBA leagues and The One on the streets as that is the point of call for many legendary players in the game. You can choose from The Streets or the League but they’re both connected in terms of how you as a player progress and improve skills and stats. You have 8 chapters when the story begins which I might add is narrated so well with sponsors like ESPN and Under Armour, it gives the game that real life feel. Like I said you have 8 chapters which are based on a street level as you progress to the draft where you then get picked by an NBA team and begin the main portion of the story, whilst you can still take your character to the streets to play in the street leagues the main league is not affected by this. What EA has done which I like is they have avoided microtransactions, unlike NBA 2K where if you got the gold edition you can get your character to 85 overall in a few seconds which is unfair. The customisation of players is more realistic but still very limited. You can purchase stock boxes that contain accessories like shoes and clothing. You can buy some in the store but you have to be a certain level and they cost more but it is the luck of the draw. Some boxes contain up to 15 items and you get one of the items.

It would be awesome if your character had a voice but the only communication you can have is through the messaging system which you can also gain currency and hype or even a stock box. It’s your choice. Overall the story around the one is really enjoyable but I feel that the developers just put their eggs in that basket and that’s it. You have franchise mode and the ultimate team but there aren’t any significant changes to the other modes. They have however included the WNBA for the first time as Fifa did in 2016 but like Fifa, they’re only accessible in play now and from my knowledge, the commentators don’t really show much impact when you’re using them which is a shame.

One other feature I found easy on the eye was the menu system it was smooth and easy to navigate which is always a plus.

The sound around NBA Live 18 is actually great I briefly touched on it earlier but with artists like Kendrick Lemar, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, Kid Cudi and many others it is a star-studded soundtrack that is one of the best I’ve heard in any EA Sports game.

NBA Live 18 – Review
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Great Visuals
Great Customisation options
The One Mode is great
Other modes are poor and have had barely any work
No Voiceover for your character in The One
All in all NBA Live 18 is a good game is it the best basketball game out there? No, but it is the better looking and by far the fasted in terms of gameplay. The Story and build to it can rival NBA 2K but it may need a bit more work to overcome the colossus that is NBA 2K’s MyPlayer mode.

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