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2K Sports return this year with their huge basketball sim 2K18, over the years it has become one of the best sports sim games ever with their amazing MyPlayer modes and gameplay mechanics to match. This year they have kept gameplay similar with a few added updates like pressure play while on defence and also protection of the ball but apart from that, the overall gameplay has stayed the same.

MyPlayer mode is what the whole story is about here, you create a player who takes over the story of DJ, DJ was an up and coming player but decided to become a DJ (the annoying blokes that rewind every song in a club!) but after finding his love for the sport again he decides to play in the 2K Street event at the proving grounds which is where you start. You play three 3v3 games and then your story develops. When creating a player you choose what team you like I chose the Detroit Pistons, after the third and final game I was confronted by a scout for the Pistons who offered me a chance to try out for the team…and that was that. I was a Pistons player.

As you progress through the story more and more you build relationships with your team and agent and sign merchandise deals for shoes and clothes to run around in the new 2K Neighbourhood. Yeah this is new to the game this year and works like that online game second life, you can buy shoes and clothes from Foot Locker and the NBA Store, or you can chill in the arcades and shoot some hoops or why not try your luck out at the MyPark which is now built into the MyPlayer mode. You can try out the Pro-am tournaments but I’ve always had trouble getting a game in there and so have been unfortunate to try that out. Work on your energy in the gym and also practice for your games in the training centre where you can work on your badges which upgrade your stats.

From the off, you can choose what shoe company you want to go with Nike, Under Armour, Adidas or Jordan or you can ask your agent to go with the best deal. The further you progress the more perks you get like signing with Under Armour I get to shoot shots with Stephen Curry. By doing that I can improve my game more. These are good little features in the game.

With the game mode being so good I have to add I had major issues with the game on launch, I started the game as you do and progressed quite far until the game crashed and deleted all progress and VC (Currency in-game) so after about a week until 2K patched this and reimbursed me I focused on the other modes…and also played and reviewed NBA Live 18.

MyTeam is just like an ultimate team but features more challenges to upgrade players which is really useful it also uses VC you earn in all the other game modes to buy card packs. You can use real money as well though.

MyGM/MyLeague mode is like career mode/franchise mode but it has a story based around it, you’re your own character but 6 years in the past playing but you get injured and then it fast forwards to present where you manage the team you choose. This is a great feature and it is all in subtitles but it gives the game more life unlike Fifa etc. The only issue is the menu for this game mode last year and year before was really good but this year it is poor and unresponsive.

The Graphics for 2K18 is good but it is nowhere near to the level of NBA Live 18 but it has a similar sound aspect to it. Your MyPlayer has a voice and also uses it in games, you get to post and pre-game interviews and the interactions with people when roaming the neighbourhood. One thing I will say though is that it doesn’t really feel like a story unlike the last two year 2K did, I seem to have to wait for ages for a phone message from my agent or coach for a little cutscene. All I seem to be doing right now is working out at the gym, training to improve my badges and then playing games. I have a sponsor but not gear from them? All I’m saying is that it doesn’t feel like an actual story it feels like the MyPlayer mode after you finish the story where you just play games and that is it.


NBA 2K18 – Review
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MyGM mode is great and has a good background to it
MyPlayer is great and fills up so much game time
Shaq is hilarious
Game changing glitch on release (MyPlayer)
Not enough customisation for MyPlayer
Menu seemed clunky and small
Back with a BANG!!
After the annoying glitch that stopped me from actually enjoying MyPlayer I really enjoyed NBA 2K18, I wouldn’t say as much as I enjoyed the previous three years that I've been playing it but I did find that level of excitement when playing it. I just wish they had more levels of customisation for your MyPlayer. The other modes are great and do what they say on the tin as they have over the last four/five years.