Mike Laidlaw Ubisoft Québec Hiring Made Official for an Unnamed Project

The studio responsible for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Ubisoft Québec, just welcomed Creative Director Mike Laidlaw to the team. Perhaps best known for his work on the Dragon Age series, Laidlaw spent fourteen years at BioWare. He left the studio back in the fall of 2017 to shake things up by streaming games on Twitch and, more formally, act as a consultant for other studios. But as he announced on Twitter that he “always knew [he]’d go back to AAA at some point, once [he] found the right project.” Though currently unannounced, that project exists at Ubisoft Quebec.

Laidlaw was drawn to “the talent, the creativity and the passion of the Québec team” and fell in love with the city. Both of those components worked in tandem to convince Laidlaw to officially join the studio.

Considering the recent expansion of Ubisoft Québec, with 200 new jobs and a second site open in the Saint-Roch neighborhood, the team found that “Mike Laidlaw [is joining] Ubisoft Québec at a key moment for the studio.”

Senior Producer Jeff Skalski described the addition of Laidlaw as “a game changer,” adding that he’s a “perfect fit” for this mystery project. Considering Laidlaw’s background we may be tempted to expect a story-driven game in an engrossing world but the truth is anything’s on the table.

[Source: Ubisoft Quebec]

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