Man Involved in Swatting Charged, Involuntary Manslaughter

Photo: Irfan Khan/AP

Tyler Barriss has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection to the death of Andrew Finch. Finch was shot and killed at the end of December 2017 when police showed up at his house after Barriss had called in a phony hostage situation.

The phony hostage call was made as a “prank” known as swatting. Barriss believed Finch’s address to be that of a Call of Duty player that he was attempting to harass when another player commissioned him to do so. The address was actually that of 28 year-old Andrew Finch, who was shot by police when he answered his door. Barriss was arrested on charges of giving false alarm, and then extradited from Los Angeles to Kansas, where he has now been charged with involuntary manslaughter and interference with law enforcement.

Kansas state law says that involuntary manslaughter is “a killing that was unintentional which resulted from recklessness or during another unlawful act.” The charge can hold a sentence of a minimum of 31 months, up to a maximum of 136 months in prison, depending on a number of factors. Barriss has previously been in and out of prison for other swatting incidents, as well as had a hand in bomb threats issued as recently as December, which the judge will likely take into account when issuing sentencing. Barriss’s bail is set at $500,000.

The officer who shot Finch is currently on suspension, pending a thorough investigation. The county District Attorney Marc Bennett wants to leave no stone unturned. When sufficient evidence has been acquired, he will either charge the officer involved, or issue a press conference explaining why he is not going to be charged.

Barriss also faces charges of a swatting incident in Canada that occurred on December 22. Calgary police have charged him with mischief and fraud charges after a swatting phone call led the local police to the home of an unnamed woman. The Calgary resident said that she was targeted by Barriss due to her online persona.

[Source: Rolling Stone]

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