Kerbal Space Program PS4 Trailer Shows off Enhancements

Earlier today, Private Division released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition, a re-worked version of the game that will be optimized for consoles and release in just a handful of days on January 16. The game sports a new control scheme exclusive for consoles and multiple updates from the PC version of the game.

As the trailer shows off, players will soon be able to build their own rockets and blast off in an attempt to explore space on consoles. The Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition will incorporate the 1.2.2 “Loud and Clear” update from the PC version of the game, which brings with it a broad range of improvements and features, including new communications methods, more tweakable options, and more.

For more information on the upcoming game, check out below:

Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition (PS4, Xbox One) is built from the ground up to include re-worked and console-optimized UI, a new control scheme exclusively for consoles, and more ways to enjoy launching spaceships into orbit. In addition to the optimizations for console gameplay, Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition incorporates the Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2 “Loud and Clear” update from the PC version. This includes a broad range of improvements and features that boost the overall game experience from the prior console version, such as new communications methods between your HQ and spacecraft, more tweakable options while constructing rockets, a complete fuel system overhaul, and much more. As a thank you to the existing console community, all owners of the prior console version of Kerbal Space Program can redeem the Enhanced Edition for free. As long as players are on the same PSN or Xbox Live account that they purchased the prior version on, the new version will appear in their library once the game has released.

Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is set to launch on January 16.

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