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Is Dead Space dead?

For those of you that have enjoyed the blood splattering, corpse dismembering, limb impaling, sci-fi shooter that is the Dead Space franchise then you may be interested to know that EA and Visceral Games are struggling to determine a suitable solution for this semi-profitable franchise. Now its no secret that the Dead Space franchise did not meet EA’s expectation, financially speaking, and as a result its future is in question. With that said, why did the Dead Space franchise fail to appeal to a wider audience? And when can we expect to see another Dead Space game?


Well, if your a hardcore fan that is eagerly anticipating the release of the next Dead Space game I wouldn’t hold your breath, considering EA’s apparent lack of interest. And since EA possess the exclusive rights to far more popular and profitable properties it doesn’t actually need Dead Space at this point in time. And Dead Space, despite its popularity, is not an extremely profitable property when compared to other EA titles.

But why is that? Why has Dead Space failed to appeal to a broader audience? Is it due to a lack of content? A lack of replay value? It’s initial price point? It’s mechanics? Or is it due to the fact that it’s a survival horror game?

Well, it’s all of the above, and more. You see, Dead Space is a unique property that appeals to a relatively small demographic. Now, that’s not to say that Dead Space is a terrible franchise, because it isn’t. It just means that Dead Space isn’t as popular as its competition, specifically, action oriented games. Simply put, being patient is passé. And in this society stealth, strategy, survival horror and other more methodical games don’t appeal to the impulsive.


Understand, that the video game industry is somewhat similar to the film industry, in that only the most popular properties survive. And make no mistake, this is a popularity contest. And since Dead Space’s number of potential buyers is considerably smaller than other EA titles it’s unlikely that you will see another Dead Space game anytime soon. Which is unfortunate, considering the massive amount of potential that this particular property possess.

With that said, what are your thoughts? What are your opinions? Why do you think Dead Space failed to appeal to a broader audience? And do you think Dead Space is capable of appealing to more people in the future? Let us know below.

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