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Injustice 2 – Review

Injustice 2 is the sequel to Injustice Gods Among Us. It is a fighting game like Mortal Kombat and is also brought to us by the same developers, Warner Bros and NetherRealm Studios. Using the Unreal 3 Engine the game has been truly adapted to the HD gen of gaming, Following on from the first game there is a split in the ranks of the DC characters, After Joker killed Lois Lane and her unborn child to which Superman then ripped his heart out (Literally) Batman and Superman have been feuding.

It is strange to play the game and see so many massive superheroes kill people, after all these years it would have been Batman that I would have thought would kill, I mean the man uses ninja stars shaped into a bat and chucks them at humans. But it is Superman and his posse that are the killers. In the story you see Wonder Woman try to kill Harley Quinn whom is on batman’s side and works out of his Batcave… I know weird. Or Robin killing Victor Zsasz in Arkham Asylum.

Then amongst all this turmoil, you have Gorilla Grodd and his disciples trying to take on the whole DC Universe with the help of the main Villain in Injustice 2 which is Brainiac. (quick note fighting him on the story mode is a pain in the fecking arse!!) Brainiac harvests planets and learns their secrets, he destroyed the planet Krypton but failed to kill all the Kryptonians as Supergirl and a baby Superman were shot into space to survive but the split and Supergirl was in cryo sleep and Superman well he landed on earth and the rest is history there. Strangely to me, Brainiac commands these ships that look strikingly like the reapers from the original Mass Effect Trilogy. He also does a similar task in harvesting planets…hmmm?

The story is narrated well and isn’t too long I managed to complete it in a day and if you’re thinking oh well that’s crap, you have alternate endings and then the multiverse and guild fights will keep you entertained. Guilds are an option you unlock when you reach profile level 5, you join an existing or create a fresh guild. Within that guild you fight other guilds or take part in multiverse objectives to gain points for your guild, you’re rewarded will Mother boxes more on them later. Guilds work just like factions did in Mortal Kombat X, but no one characters are associated to set factions. I was told prior to the release that you chose a side whether it was batman’s crew, Superman’s, Grodd’s or be a lone wolf. But I haven’t been asked these questions.

So Mother boxes are in-game rewards for completing certain tasks, you can also buy them with real money if that is your desired option. They’re split into two sections either single player or guild, now any objectives you do in single player rewards you with boxes and vice versa for guild objectives. You can get Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Within these boxes are accessories for characters in the game.

The way the game works is the more you use said characters the higher level they go to, I currently, at the time of writing this have my Catwoman up to 11 so any equipment/gear that I had or get that is lower than 11 I can equip. You see they’re locked in character level so I have loads of level 20 gear but no character at the desired level. Sucks.

Most items of gear are different but sometimes you can get copies but they may have different scores, you can sell unwanted gear if you wish. So you see I mentioned scores on gear items we each character has a base set amount of strength, ability defence and health. Certain items boost them and some also add little perks like one I have increases character XP for that character per fight. Others are like environment attacks are stronger etc. each character has equipment for their head, arms, body, legs and weapon (this can be something else like batman has belt etc.) then you have new abilities you can gain and equip and then there are the colour shaders you ever wanted to make a god mode version of batman well now you can. 50% of the colour shaders I found you can buy and the others are only available in the mother boxes which are completely random. Some characters also have special shaders like Captain Cold can be changed into Mr Freeze or The Flash can be changed into Jay Garrick. You can even download the Reverse Flash if you have the ultimate pack. Multiverse works like the towers in Mortal Kombat X and refreshes after the desired time has elapsed, for the multiverse is one of the best features in the game, characters will look differently and through these, you can gain XP for your fighters as well as mother boxes and additional gear for them. Some of the scenarios require a set level character to undertake it but in terms of the guild multiverse, you will have a boss to fight and depending on how good you are you all have a go at him/her. Each fight will take the health of them which makes it easier to defeat them, you get rewards for a certain amount of players taking part in the guild multiverse at one time. This reminds me of the Marvel Mobile game Clash of Champions which is another really good game to play.

The controls for me is where it does get quite annoying, I’ve played these kinds of games from the times of Street Fighter on the Snes and am used to holding in the direction away from your opponent but this changed in Mortal Kombat X so you used one of the Triggers which was ok as I got used to it but in Injustice 2 you have to press the button away from your opponent to block and this takes timing you can also duck which is easier but it doesn’t always block as certain attacks need a different type of block. Similar to Mortal Kombat X instead of X-Ray specials you have Super Power Moves which all look and do good damage.

Injustice 2 – Review
Batman VS Superman Part 2
I was really looking forward to testing this game out and I've not been disappointed, it is definitely a game that I shall find myself investing hours of my life into it and it is really worthwhile with the character levelling system. With the Multiverse system and a good Story mode, Warner and NetherRealm have a great game on their hands.
What I Loved!
Great Visuals
Host of Characters I’ve never used before
Great Story
What I Hate
Dodgy Blocking
Annoying at times (fighting game)
Story is short