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How to parachute like a pro in PubG

Simply jumping and hoping for the best won’t get you very far when playing Player Unknown Battlegrounds, so to effectively use the parachuting feature, you should follow these useful tips.

There is no doubt that parachuting on to the battlefield like a blind eagle with no wings can be an effective move, and of course PUBG is all about patience, skill and taking your enemy by surprise whenever you get the chance. However, there is more to the art of parachuting than just blindly letting go of the plane’s door handles.

Many players who are new to the wonderful world of PUBG just don’t know how important it is to parachute properly and safely. And landing on the ground before the other players is also important too, so this guide will teach you that, as well as how to maintain the maximum speed while free falling.


Plan Your Descent

Whether or not you are playing the game with friends, figuring out exactly where you are going to land is one of the most important aspects of parachuting. Open your map up, click M and right click with your mouse to place a marker on the ground to indicate your proposed landing spot.

Speed Is Important

Pointing the camera directly at the ground while pressing W means that you will fall to the ground at the fastest possible speed – about 234 kmh – immediately after you have jumped from the aircraft. You can steer your descent to the left or right by holding W, and this simple yet effective method is the best way to reach the ground quickly and safely.

Don’t Forget Distance

You should be able to cover a respectable amount of distance before landing, if you make a point of maintaining your avatar horizontally. However, if you open up your parachute as soon as you can, you will be able to cover even more distance while free falling and this extra distance can be a big tactical advantage when playing PUBG.

Staying close to the center of the circle is key to increasing your chances of winning the game, as well as plenty of patience. You can benefit from having plenty of valuable time to really plan your approach while you are in the air using your parachute. And while you are in the air free falling your way towards your planned landing place, there is more time for the circle to appear.