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About multiplayer on Nintendo Switch

To play local multiplayer in the Nintendo Switch titles listed above, you can hand a Joy-Con controller to another player. For other Nintendo Switch titles that support local multiplayer, you may need to purchase additional compatible controllers like additional Joy-Con or Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers to play with more than two players.

Nintendo Switch supports wireless internet connectivity, so you can play online at home or any other place where there’s a wireless hotspot.*

About multiplayer on Nintendo 3DS family systems

There are different types of multiplayer options available across Nintendo 3DS family systems, like Local Play and Download Play. For an explanation of these, and to see even more multiplayer titles, please visit the Multiplayer Hub.

Nintendo 3DS family systems also support wireless internet connectivity, so you can play online at home or any other place where there’s a wireless hotspot.

About multiplayer on Wii U

To play local multiplayer titles on Wii U, you may need to purchase additional controllers like Wii Remotes or Wii U Pro Controllers. You can find out which controllers a game supports by visiting its gamepage on this website, or by checking the back of the box in-store.

Wii U supports wireless internet connectivity out of the box, so if you have a wireless internet connection at home, you can play online in supported titles for free.

Where to buy

As well as being available at retail – though check with your local retailer for availability – all of these games are available as downloadable versions from Nintendo eShop on your system or via the gamepages on this website**! If you can’t decide on a specific game, you could always purchase a Nintendo eShop Card, in denominations of £15, £25 and £50.

You can also order games, systems and more directly from Nintendo at the Nintendo Official UK Store.

Have fun this holiday season!

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