Hideki Kamiya Wants Devil May Cry 5 to Take a New Direction

Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya hasn’t been involved with the iconic action series since the 2001 original, but that hasn’t kept him from talking about the series. A few months ago he offered up his thoughts on Devil May Cry‘s third and fourth entries, and now he went to social media to talk about what he’d like to see in the heavily rumored Devil May Cry 5. Unlike many fans that are clamoring for a return to the classic style, Kamiya wants to see something different from past entries.

“I’m just throwing some ideas out there, but I think it’s about time DMC got a game design revision,” wrote Kamiya on Twitter. Looking at current global trends and the amazing graphics in recent Capcom games, the next DMC game could do with a full model change, like the new God of War.” Kamiya finished off his musing with one possible idea. “Instead of being an anime-style hack ‘n’ slash, maybe Capcom will turn DMC5 into a realistic, cinematic action game?”

A report from November 2017 said that Devil May Cry 5 would be a PlayStation 4 exclusive for a limited period of time, and that an announcement is likely for E3 2018:

The original post hinted at some kind of PlayStation exclusivity, but was unclear on the details. “There is some form of Playstation exclusivity involved. Sony is paying for some of the funding for the game but the extent of it is not known. Could be completely PS4 exclusive, console exclusive or timed exclusive. If the game is announced publicly then it will be at a Sony event, which is why many people thought that it was going to be at PSX.”

What would you like to see from Devil May Cry 5? Let us know in the comments below!

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