GoNNER PS4 Release Date and New Trailer Revealed

GoNNER has enjoyed gradual, yet steady releases across various platforms over the years. Initially released on PC back in 2016, the platformer eventually made its way to the Nintendo Switch the following year. Now it’s time for PlayStation 4 owners to get a taste when the game releases on May 15.

This game is a scoring-based indie gem with plenty of roguelike elements and a bad attitude. Developer Art in Heart warns players about its insane-yet-fair difficulty, but this will reportedly make you stronger and wiser as you progress.

Here’s a brand new GoNNER PS4 trailer. You be the judge:

Here are some of the game’s main features:

Procedurally-generated levels means that you’ll rarely (if ever) play the same world twice. Each level changes with each playthrough and thus provide new challenges and opportunities.

Choose from various abilities at the start of each run. Experiment and choose the best one if you wish to defeat your opponents.

Daily challenges which can only be played once a day. Players across the globe play a particular level before it eventually resets the following day. Can you score higher than everyone else before time expires?

Who doesn’t like uncovering secret areas? There are plenty of these in GoNNER, each containing unique items for use toward the beginning of each consecutive run. This gives you a competitive advantage over those who aren’t yet well-equipped.

This kind of game wouldn’t mean much without official leaderboards. Achieve the highest points by killing creatures, obtaining combos, finding hidden gems, and more.

Did we mention GoNNER has a story that can only make sense in a video game? As its official description says, “GoNNER is also a story about friendship between Ikk, Death, and a space whale named Sally.” But who cares? It’s all about retaining the highest score!

Get ready to shoot your way through the top when GoNNER releases this May 15 on PlayStation 4.

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