Ghost Recon:Wildlands what to expect in the open beta

So after putting in some serious hours into the beta we at thought that you guys may like to get an idea what to expect of the for upcoming and much anticipated title from Ubisoft.  

First things first, if you’re expecting the good old days of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW) 1 or 2 with the tense multiplayer and military sim feel then this isn’t it.  The devs have taken the game in a new direction…… so its ghost Recon by name only I hear you say or even worse is it the universally hated Ghost Recon Future Soldier , the answer to those is no and no.  It’s a new direction in the Ghost Recon universe that concentrates on seamless drop in/drop out co-op story driven multiplayer.

The game is set in the country of Bolivia which is lawless and controlled by a drug cartel  called the Santa Blanca cartel.  The development team describe it like so “  In order to maximise their efficiency and maintain tight control over the people working for them, the Santa Blanca Cartel is organised into four distinct operations: production, trafficking, influence, and security. Each operation is based in different territories and is led by a head of the operation who reports directly to El Sueño . Below their rank, the Buchones (the Bosses) facilitate the cartel’s day to day operational activities across the game’s 21 provinces” (El Sueño sits at the top and is the big bad boss man).

Lets get down to the knitty gritty and talk about what’s in and what not.  The game includes probably the best component of the last instalment of Ghost Recon which is the Weapons Smith.  This gives you the player the ability to totally customise any or all of your weapons.  It goes as far as the ability to change the butt-stock, trigger mech and pretty much anything.  

The play world is made up of 21 regions, but in the beta 1 is available.  Within these regions are over 60 vehicles.  In the beta are super cars, buggies, armoured cars, helicopters and weaponised helicopters.  All of these are usable and can be harnessed however the player feels is best to accomplish the mission in hand.

Get excited people this could well be a contender for Game of the Year !!

So what should you expect ?

The play engine will remind many players of other games and to the GRAW purists ( which I was ) may initially be a bit of a shock.  Imagine Just Cause, Far Cry and Mercenary 2 all having a baby. But  this shouldn’t put you off, the dynamic nature of the game is impressive.  Although the Third person view is similar to the division that is where the similarities end.  This isn’t a cover based shooter, this doesn’t require grinding, putting many hours in and obsessively studying stats.  The ability to jump in and out of the co-op is truly seamless.  

The co-op 4 player is where this game comes in it own you and your friends can decide to go about completing a mission anyway you see fit, go loud not a problem, sneak attack yep go for it, sync sniper shots with tags yep that’s there too and if 1 or 2 of you fancy going off and getting say a weaponised chopper while the other 2 stay and keep over watch, yep you can do that aswell.  The co-op is untethered so there is no limits to how far you split and as long as you’ve all got the same mission selected then you all get the rewards.

Do yourselves a favour download the beta and give it a chance, its not GRAW 1 or 2 but it is a massive co-op shooter that requires teamwork and brains.  The only thing you’ll be wishing is that it was a bigger beta and that you could have more that 4 people in your squad.

How to Download the Beta ?

It’s a free, open beta for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, so all you need to do is download the client from your online store of choice and play.  Pre-loading will be available sometime February 20 in the UK and in the US on February 21 at 6 am EST.



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