GameSpider Playstation® 4 Pro wall mount by Borangame® | Durable iron material, quality coating, perfect fit, simple and secure mounting, no assembly required, screws included | BONUS spiral cable

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The Securest and Sleekest Wall Mount for Your PS4® Pro

Borangame gives you the best product to help you organize your gaming space and protect your Playstation® 4 Pro console. A simple, durable wall mount that will hold your gaming unit securely on the wall of your choice for fast access and a more presentable gaming space.

All the screws necessary for mounting are included in the package with your order. You will also receive special spiral wrap cable protectors with their cable clamps, an exclusive offer you won’t find anywhere else.

Secure Placement

There’s no way for your PS4® Pro console to move or fall from its secure place on the wall. The smart sliding insertion design allows for a perfect fit with no chance of accidental movement in any direction.

Strong and Durable

Coated with high density powder which results in a tougher item, applied with paint that protects against scratches and with strong iron as basic material, our wall mount will be of service for a long time in top condition.

Easy and Simple Mounting

With no parts to put together and a straightforward mounting procedure, you can be done with installation in a few minutes. Hold steady on the wall in the right angle, mark the spots through the holes and apply the screws for a secure mounting.

Complete Gaming Organizing

Protect your PS4® Pro unit and free up your gaming space, with this smart wall mount. Only your PS4® Pro will be in view because of its slim, invisible design and our spiral wrap cable protectors will also keep any cables organized and presentable.

Don’t Miss Out On This Excellent PS4® Pro Accessory, Click Add To Cart Now!ORGANIZED GAMING: Organize your gaming experience by keeping your PS4® Pro off furniture surfaces or the floor. The Borangame wall mount will save you space and protect your gaming console by keeping it securely on a convenient wall. No need to store it elsewhere, reconnect cables and risk accidents.
SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Mounting this unit on your wall is as simple as can be. There are no parts to assembly, simply mark on the wall the spot where the screws will go, hold the mount steadily, and use your screwing tool. You will be done in mere minutes!
STEADY MOUNTING: Our mount’s design guarantees that your PS4® Pro will stay in place with no danger of moving, much less falling. Your gaming console can easily be inserted with a sliding motion, with no room allowed for forward or backward movement.
STRONG MATERIAL: Made with the strongest iron, coated with high density powder and finished with scratch-resistant paint, this will be one of the most durable items in your household, perfect for protecting your gaming console.
SLEEK ITALIAN DESIGN: With its slim design that allows a perfect fit for your PS4® Pro with no extra bulk, you will only see your gaming console on the wall after its insertion. Conveniently invisible for maximum organization and decluttering of your space.

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