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This is a one of those classic tales of who would win, a knight, a viking or a samurai and it’s so much fun to find this out. On starting the game you will be asked to select which faction you wish to fight for and then doing this you make your emblem and then you’re off to the battlefield. After playing the Open Beta I was eager to sink my teeth into this battle.

This is such a big thing in this game, in my opinion, it’s not a game that you can just pick up and play because you will end up with an axe, sword or lance to the face or any other body part that you left open. This is a very well thought out game and is very technical to be able to get kills and not get killed yourself. There are a good range of characters to choose from and learn to use but this is only a minor step in the game as you can master one, think you have the right mix and then get owned by someone or even pesky AI bot as they are no pushovers either but I’m sure you will find this out in due time.

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So the game has many online game styles ranging from a straight up 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 all the way up to a straight up death battle 4 v 4 and other game modes such as skirmish and domination. I for one found for myself in preference to the straight up fighting to the objective game types this is purely due to the fact of the lesser bots they put on the field I find they mainly just get in the way and are more of a nuisance as they die with a single hit and don’t really offer much in terms of capturing points etc.

The story mode is ok at best really i didn’t really struggle at any point in the story i found it to be the same as training with a few cut scenes added in for good measure it’s good to get to grips with a few characters that you may have overlooked at first glance so for that it’s all good. Story does offer a realistic mode which is good as it takes away your HUD as to where the enemy is going to attack but after a bit you can see which way they are going to swing by their body language so you can make do without it. The story also offers co-op which is a nice touch too.

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So as you play the game be that against bots or other players your character will level up and in doing this you will unlock new gear for your hero and when you reach level 20 you will basically reset and go into prestige i am only level 1 prestige with my hero but i have encountered 5+. With a higher level comes better gear and then a better gear score but this only comes into play when it’s any 4 v 4 mode it does not affect any of the 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 match ups which does help players who are trying to grind out or are just starting out so you don’t get overpowered from the off. As you level up in the game you also unlock feats for your hero which can be a real game changer when used in the right situation. After any match you get a chance to deploy ur assets depending on which faction you chose to fight for and doing this will gain you territories or put a stop to the enemy faction taking yours over.

At the end of their season, the winning faction will be awarded unknown gear as the game is only a week old so we will have to wait and see what goodies we get when the Knights win…I hope. After the match, you also get rewarded steel which is the in-game currency with this you can buy gear boxes and also a champion mode which in my opinion is a must as it helps level you up faster and also rewards you with better drops after the battle i.e. more steel EXP and equipment.

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The only thing I hate about this game is other players, to be honest, any battle you have that has more than 2 enemies if your teammate should fall to their friends blade/axe they will try to double team you and yes you can do it but this game is better than that the game is about the skill of you and your chosen hero not about 2 or more people just hammering attacks at you at the same time. like do that if you can’t beat the guy in a fair fight but there is only one word for them kind of players which i choose not to say on this.

I did say nearly not everyone does it I understand that just saying that’s all.

The game looks great no doubt about it every hero looks amazing and they all have their own unique look and sound to them. They are all fully customisable to their weapons, helm or body and it truly adds a unique feel and makes you feel like your hero is truly yours. As you level up you will also unlock new colour variations and different patterns as well, this reflects towards your armor and shield. The battlegrounds are just as impressive everyone has their own look and a lot of detail went into designing them and it really does look and feel like you are fighting in a broken down castle or a Viking fort its great.

The controls in this game are not easy by any means it’s a game that you really have to play if you want to get good or at least bring the pain. This game is all about timing and trying to keep your opponent guessing.

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So you have a normal, light and heavy attack as well as guard break but the difference is that you have to control where to hit with the left stick and you can hit from above, left or right try to mix in a few combos (every hero has their own combos to try and master) and guard breaks all to get the better of your opponent.

The game is not all about attack however you need to be able to defend just as well as being able to dish it out to do this is the same principle with the left stick to the same way they are attacking you can also throw in a parry as this will unbalance your opponent for a nice counter and maybe even an execution which is so satisfying to watch as every hero has their own two executions. The sound of the game to be honest i don’t even focus on it as I’m so enthralled in the battle i kind of block the sound out. when you do finish an enemy you can do a little war cry i guess if you want to class that as music. But what i don’t hear in music the game makes up for it in the clashing and clanking of sword against axe or axe against shield it’s so much better than any kind of soundtrack they could have put in the game. The sound of steel meeting flesh is oddly satisfying.   

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This game wants and needs you to keep on playing it if you want the high gear score and you want to dominate on the field of battle and to be fair I am hooked I really enjoy this game with my friends not so much on me own as it’s more of a team based game I feel and that’s when the best moments happen. There are a number of heroes to choose from and from what I hear more will be added in due time and for free if my info is correct so the game will always bring you back if not to add to your chosen hero/heroes now? Then wait for when the new hero’s turn up and see what they can do.

Massive Thanks to Ubisoft for supplying us with a copy of the game. For Honor was reviewed on Xbox One but is available on PS4 and PC.

For Honor - Review
The game is called for honor so fight, hack, slash and defend your honor!
I really enjoy this game and I think I will for a long time it's so different from every other beat em’ up title it’s about timing and reacting and you really can’t button bash your way to victory. The game mechanics are top notch and the visuals are amazing. The campaign is just a glorified practice in my opinion but is not terrible. Be ready for intense battles and more foes than you can handle but even with all that the game has me hooked and will hook many more people with everything it has to offer. One tip for anyone who wants to play this game I would say play to your characters strengths don't be bullied into making mistakes by another player.
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I liked -
Great in depth fighting mechanics
Great visuals
Greats sounds of war
What I hated
Story feels like a practice mode
Double/quading up on one opponent
Skirmish/domination feels too busy with useless AI one hit bots

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