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Below is a list of food recipes that can be made at the Campfire in Metal Gear Survive. Use food to fill your hunger meter while out on missions.

You’ll find out how to make different foods like Grilled Karakul Sheep and drinkable water with the recipes below. These are vital to surviving out in the world of Dite.

Note that you can’t craft certain recipes until you unlock the necessary cooking station – for example, you can’t make yourself a clean bottle of water without a Campfire & Hanging Pot. You will unlock the Campfire and Hanging Pot after completing Chapter 7 of the single-player story.

These simple meals can be prepared with the starting campfire cooking station.

Food Materials KUB Effect
Grilled Karakul Sheep 1x Karakul Mutton 10 +700 Hunger
Grilled Gray Wolf 1x Gray Wolf Meat 10 +500 Hunger
Grilled Nubian 1x Nubian Meat 10 +700 Hunger
Grilled Side-striped Jackal 1x Side-striped Jackal Meat 10 +500 Hunger
Roasted Gerbil 1x Gerbil 10 +300 Hunger

EditCampfire and Hanging Pot Recipes

These recipes can be prepared after constructing a Campfire and Hanging Pot cooking station. You cannot cook these meals until completing Chapter 7 of the single-player story (Secure the 1st Wormhole Digger).

Food Materials KUB Effect
Bottle  of
Clean Water
Bottle (Dirty Water) x3 10 +900 Thirst
Canteen of
Clean Water
Bottle (Dirty Water) x5
Canteen (Empty) x1
10 +1800 Thirst
Gerbil Milk Stew Gerbil x1, Milk x10, Onions x8 10 +500 Hunger
+900 Thirst
Gray Wolf Soup Gray Wolf Meat x1, Bottle (Clean Water) x2 10 +900 Hunger
+900 Thirst
Karakul Sheep Soup Karakul Mutton x1
Bottle (Clean Water) x2
10 +900 Hunger
+900 Thirst
Nubian Soup Nubian Meat x1,
Bottle (Clean Water) x2
10 +900 Hunger
+900 Thirst
Jackal Soup
SS Jackal Meat x1, Bottle (Clean Water) x2 10 +900 Hunger
+900 Thirst

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