FIFA 19 Review

Fifa is a constant that been in my life since I held a controller having spanned way back into the early 90s the juggernaut is now in its 25th year but how much has changed? Well, the game has moved with the times obviously, but are EA giving its consumers what they want? I don’t think so!

The biggest mode in games currently is FUT (Fifa Ultimate Team) it is a fantasy football style mode that allows players to build teams with their best players by trying to juggle each players chemistry to fit the needs of the team. What did they add to FUT this year…ratings on packs (only because of EU laws and the rise in gambling issues to young people) new icons, new features in already stable modes within FUT like weekend league, SBC (Squad Building Challenges) Division rivals which replaces the online seasons mode this mode is for the more casual players that don’t want to annihilated in the weekend leagues…is that all? Oh and Champions League and Europa League.


That’s it!


I mean for die hard fans like myself who has purchased Fifa every year since 1994 I like new things but when there are certain game modes that are so stale and need an uplift you’d expect it to have changes…no no no. This is EA we’re talking about one of the most corrupt developers out there. They would rather focus on FUT which is where they generate the most money from. Don’t get me wrong I understand you have a cash cow you’re going to milk it until it dies but for god sake, EA look at the other options you have at your disposal. You could have a great game on your hands if you updated more than just FUT.

The gameplay in FIFA is in my opinion of the smoothest it feels in recent years, the dynamic touch works well players feel more intelligent and the depth you can take your tactics are very helpful to make you stand out. The only addition to Career mode is the Champions League and Europa League licenses… I’ve wanted these for years ever since PES had them but I’d like a bit more to make the mode more sustainable. If it wasn’t for the different colour in the menu and wank music in the background you’d think I was playing FIFA 18. I kid you not. Managers have the same creation options…good old frostbite engine. Scouting and building your youth teams are the same, you have the same objectives from the board, you get a job offer from every country after three games and this goes on forever! They literally changed nothing. Pro Clubs don’t even get me started on that. The most potential I’ve seen in a sports game mode but its just there to flesh out the game.


The Journey now you choose what character you wish to play as in their individual journeys, of course, they focus on the Women’s World Cup and the Champions League as that the main focus in this game. You have some good dialogue and a good story but it’s just more of what was on offer from FIFA 17. Sorry but it is.

The most interesting feature EA has added this year is the house rules, the option to play modes that you only play in the park with your mates, like only scoring headers and volleys, no fouls or offsides (Carnage) goals are doubled if scored from outside the box or survival mode where every goal scored results in the scorer leaving the pitch. These are great game modes to use when you’re home with your mates. I can see a lads party before a boxing event or something and you chuck it on and end up having your own boxing event in your living room.

I touched on it before but the actual gameplay is utterly amazing, it felt so real in regards to touches and movement with the added tactics you can have a very worthwhile experience. The arena sounds are top notch as well with the weather affects you get a real feel for an actual match which I’ve been waiting ages for. With the authentic licenses you get a real feel for the game it’s just a shame that you can’t top this up with dedicated updates to other game modes in throughout the whole game.

EA here is an idea…take something from Call of Duty…release FUT as stand-alone edition of the game and have a offline version with your Career modes etc and then the Ultimate edition is the main version of the game where you can play everything…that way players get dedicated people associated to parts of the game that needs it. Because not everyone plays FUT.

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