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Far Cry 5 Has Cosmetic-Only Microtransactions


The campaign will also be playable offline.

Far Cry 5 will ship with microtransactions, albeit only for cosmetic items.

Ubisoft PR confirmed the news to GameSpot, saying that the microtransactions will be available in the game’s single-player, co-op and head-to-head multiplayer modes.

Players can opt to speed up their progression with microtransactions, but Ubisoft has confirmed that they will not affect actual gameplay.

Further, Far Cry 5 Executive Producer Dan Hay confirmed that the game’s single-player campaign will be fully playable offline.

An internet connection will still be necessary for the games multiplayer modes, including the feature-filled Arcade mode, which offers an absurdly detailed map editor.

Far Cry 5 will also receive a Season Pass offering players a number of wild vignettes evocative of Far Cry 3’s Blood Dragon expansion. This includes a trip to Vietnam, a zombie survival game, and a Mars mission.

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