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Far Cry 5 has been out for five months now and I’ve never seen a company bring all of its DLC out this quick, Ubisoft have tried and in my opinion succeeded in captivating its audience and has kept them locked in with new gear for free in live events and also now with a new update with the addition of NG+ (New Game Plus).

NG+ brings in a new difficulty mode titled Infamous which basically increases the detection meter of enemies and makes it harder for them to be killed, unless…oh that’s right as with all other NG+ modes you bring over all your weapons, perks and skills from your previous playthrough. So killing enemies is very easy in my opinion. Headshots still instantly kill an enemy unless they’re the heavies then they take two shots. It is harder to take over an outpost in stealth now though as one wrong move and that detection meter flashes quicker than Kim Kardashian does in a photoshoot. They have also upgraded some of the skills, you can stack the skills on your carry options to carry more items/loot and ammo which is useful however any challenges you did previously are already done so the only way of getting skill points is by completing the Prepper stash houses and finding random skill books around Montana or completing the leftover challenges you have. I do love an NG+ especially if it is a game I had so much fun playing the first time around like God of war but hell am I playing that on the hardest difficulty! The main perk for completing NG+ on Infamous difficulty is access to the Rook outift to make you look more the part.

With the update, there have been three DLC additions to the game which also bring to it new maps, weapons and features to arcade mode but also new weapons for you to use in the games story mode…oh and they’re free. So if you want Laser weapons that you get from the Mars DLC go ahead.

So the first install from the season pass was;

Hour of Darkness which was set in Vietnam during the Vietnam war in the 1970s, you crash behind enemy lines and have to either save your crew and escape or just get hell out of dodge and save yourself. You control Hope County resident Wendell Redler as he embarks on saving his crew from the clutches of the Vietnam soldiers in the war. This was an interesting take to the game as unlike the main vanilla story in Montana you’re in a worn torn country with no daylight. Your perk system is unlike it has been before, it runs off a kill streak, so if you kill one enemy and take no damage you get one point and so on until you get all four perks it is also always active well until you get hit or detected by an enemy. The more you can go on for without taking damage or being seen the greater reward you get to help you, you can perform better moves to kill enemies or you move faster and detect enemies automatically. There are other side missions to undertake in this like killing the captains of the army to weaken them or finding the lighters of your lost compatriots. Which is a cool nudge to one of the collectible missions in the base game given to you by the one and only Wendell Redler. The weapons were real to life in that stage of history too, you have carbine rifles and other vintage weapons. The enemies would spring out of trees to ambush you and they also hunted you in packs. The addition of crocodiles in the water which wasn’t a welcome addition to my heart when I first encountered them. A throwback to the days of Far Cry 3 when the little shits lurked under the lilies and attacked when I didn’t expect it. You’re awarded more resources at the end mission if you manage to rescue all of your teammates and you can even storm bases with your crew which is the same as guns for hire in the base game. As mentioned before all weapons you unlock in Hour of Darkness you can access in the main story, I’ve yet to try a bamboo stick as a melee weapon! All in all, this was a good start to the DLC so I’ll give it an 8/10

We then went back into the present and kinda into the future with;

Lost on Mars where you take control of Nick Rye… that’s right the pilot from the base game he is partners up with our favorite NPC Hurk. Hurk calls in a favor and you get teleported to Mars to save the earth from an alien invasion. Armed with laser guns and guns that turn aliens into chickens and other kinds of livestock you embark on the story to power up the planets safety system to aid earth and other planets from destruction. Unlike its predecessor and present game, Stealth is not an option these aliens are buggers and will smack you about until they’re not bothered with you anymore…that’s never by the way! They look like something out of starship troopers but enter the game like something out of tremors. Trust me they’re scary buggers, you have rock ground you can walk on fine but dust ground no, no, no. they will burrow and jump at you and it is a never-ending amount of them until you come off the dirt ground. The planet is also infested with the queens which you have to kill to gain shards to power up stations on Mars and also power up the safety system for the planet, this is done from completing missions, part of that is collecting Hurks body parts. I forgot to mention Hurk is not actually physically there his head is but the rest of his body parts are scattered across the planet, in wreckages or digested by queens. You can have him as a Gun for hire but in my opinion, he is shit, he is annoying and weak. I did have the most trouble with this mode as it is actually hard to get to grips with, you have a spacesuit with thrusters on them but any chance of you landing on soft dirt ground you’re toast.

The weapons in Lost on Mars are very Halo-like, they run off energy and the currency to buy more is this green goo that you collect off dead aliens and find scattered around the planet. If you make an alien explode they turn into a groom orb of goo which you can pick up but for the love of God does the stuff move! If you happen to find the orb of goo on a slant in the terrain then get running because that shit will not slow down! At the start I chased some for at least 10 minutes…at first, it was funny but then I had already invested a huge amount of time I wasn’t giving up! All in all 8/10

Last but not least we have;

Dead Living Zombies, this is the new installment that only came out Tuesday (28th September 2018) unlike the previous DLC install this one plays off movies that are being pitched to directors in which you play them out, once to complete them to can replay for a score attack. The mode is teeming with zombies… the dawn of the dead style zombies…fuckers are quick and rapid with their hits on you. I played the first two sections of the game, the first you control a Farmer who is protecting his land, this is sort of a tutorial one but the zombies are hard to kill some have parts of their skull exposed and one headshot and they burst into flames as if you had incendiary shells loaded. Your task is to destroy the pods that are awakening the dead pretty simple but no they spawn like crazy and not just one or two at least five at a time. The next section I played, I controlled a special ops character on a bridge but my supplies were airdropped on the other side so the job is to reach, you start with little ammo and hordes of zombies in your way. They added a few new weapons to this mode as well like the Deagle and a rapid SMG. There isn’t much story behind this mode it feels like a cheap Zombie campaign like in COD when it first came out. I haven’t tried it coop yet but I feel it would be pretty fun with a friend. Overall 8/10

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