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So it’s that time of year again when F1 is having a break on the TV but the Game hits the shelves to keep us F1 nuts appeased. Codemasters latest version of F1 is out this week and we have been playing it ahead of general release.

With F1 games its hard to make many changes each year to keep the game fresh and exciting but one thing Codemasters are good at is giving the game a new lease of life and giving you the thrill of F1 each year.


So for those of you that haven’t picked up an F1 game let me give you an outline.

Career mode allows you to take a spot at your favourite team or a team of your choice. You are starting as a Rookie in the sport so each team has different objectives and targets. Being a Mercedes fan you can guess who i picked.  The career mode has been developed to give you the feeling of all-round control on how you progress as a driver. At the start, you sign your contract and then get your objectives for each race weekend.


The race weekend consists of 3 Free Practice (FP)  sessions then qualifying and finally onto the race. The FP sessions are very good to get your race strategy underway with the team setting you some programmes to run, like tyre wear, Qualifying pace, race strategy but now with the addition of ERS ( electric recovery system ) formally KERS. With each program completed, you are awarded R&D points which allow your team to research new components and upgrades for the car. These are not instantly available I should add like real life they take time to develop and install. That said i also had a part delayed on me due to quality testing failure which adds to the realism of the game.


So onto my first race as with the F1 calendar, it’s in Australia. The graphical tweaks on this game have improved especially with 4k and HDR ( we are playing it on the Xbox One X ) there are lots of minor details in the game that if you have played the previous ones your sure to notice and I’m not just talking about the car. The track and surroundings to have had a boost. The detail in the grass and the way you see marbles on the track giving you a racing line is really noticeable. One thing i especially liked and all though trivial was when your car runs over the gravel ( in the event you go off the track ) the tyres pick up the gravel and grass, I play in the cockpit view as i’m playing with a Playseat and wheel ( TS-XW) the Halo is there and yes it doesn’t help so Kudos to the real drivers that have to put up with this.

The game also has classic cars again and the invitational after races to complete little mini challenges.  This helps boost your career and gets your name out there too.

One new introduction to the game is the Press interview, after each qualifying and race you will be faced with a reporter asking you some questions, each answer has a different impact on you and the team, from Aerodynamics team to Chassis team with each positive reaction giving you a discount on R&D parts. As well as giving you that sportsman or showman status.

I briefly touched on the ERS earlier and wanted to elaborate a little bit more. So in the game now you can see your battery and the charge rate so it gives you more visibility to the technology you have at your fingertips. The ERS systems gives you a little boost when driving as KERS used to, so you can add the power automatically coming out of the corner allowing you to overtake easily,

This is an in-progress write up so please check back for an update soon. Where we will share more information as well as some video content too also watch out for our live streams too.


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Written by Robin Cope



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