Dragon Age 4 Officially Revealed at The Game Awards

Does this count as Dragon Age news? BioWare didn’t just come to The Game Awards 2018 with Anthem. The developer also showed off an extremely brief but nevertheless very intriguing teaser for the newest Dragon Age game, which currently doesn’t have a title. Based on the very cryptic and very brief teaser, it appears to directly follow the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition in some way.

Check out the announcement trailer here:

In a follow-up blog post, Mark Darrah confirmed that this is, in fact, the next Dragon Age game, but didn’t reveal much after that. This confirms some rumors that emerged prior to the awards show that claimed BioWare would officially reveal the newest Dragon Age game. Unfortunately, a release date wasn’t revealed, possibly because it is apparently at least three years away.

While details are scarce, the words “The Dread Wolf Rises” should immediately catch the attention of Dragon Age fans. Without spoilers, it looks to pick up on information revealed at the end of Dragon Age: Inquisition, information that will surely have massive implications for the Dragon Age universe.

The announcement of the next Dragon Age should be a relief for fans of BioWare, who may be worried at the massive departure represented by Anthem. The newest Dragon Age game will continue “BioWare’s rich legacy of colorful companions, romance and epic choices” that fans have come to love.

[Source: BioWare]

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