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Popularity of online gaming

Online gaming this day and age takes on many forms from Mobile devices to consoles to still what many call the “Master Race” the PC.



Years ago i remember playing games locally and single player, but now there are so many options from online gaming, the rise in popularity in is phenomenal. Games such as FIFA and Call of Duty play a big part of online gaming. Games that really started it were the likes of Counter Strike and Red Alert. The popularity has rising so much due to the choice and easy accessibility these days that anyone can get online and play very quickly. 

The area that has seen a big boost is casino games, this is due to the pick and play aspect. It allows anyone to play for fun or if your age to play for cash, Things like Blackjack, Poker and online slots are just some of the Popular Casino games out there.  The other big items out there is online Bingo and online betting,

Many gaming companies have now noticed this and they have opened more and more Esport tournaments, just lately there was the $1 Million Dollar Call of Duty competition and there are many offering cash prize competitions, Esports are also making a bid to be part of the 2024 olympics.


The gaming industry really is a lucrative market and can only grow from strength to strength. PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground looks to be another game where this will happen with the rise of this game on streaming site like Twitch and Mixer have seen this game explode onto the online gaming scene, With the expansion on to consoles this game truly has shown how much online gaming is here to stay.


The question is though where do we see it going, in my eyes i can see that there is space for all genres of games and as long as there is a way to earn or make money from it then people will always play them, I know i have been guilty of popping on and playing a bit of Texas Hold ‘em and online slots and won some money on it. The one thing we all would like to break into though is actually playing with skill and winning money based on your performance, The thing with PC gaming is that the spec of the machine needed can be quite high which means you may need a small mortgage to build a decent rig in the meantime.


With the latest version of COD and FIFA coming out as well as what’s in the pipeline for the next 12 months it surely is a good time for online gaming. The only question is what hardware will you need to join in and how much is it going to cost, with the GTX 1080 already costing over £400 !! With the cost of just a graphics card it can be bring the amount you spend on a gaming rig to 1000’s just to run a game in 4k, let alone you would need a decent internet connection in order to stream this.

credit: Youtube / Daylife

What games do you play online and what do you think about Esports ? is it a good way to earn a living?

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