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Madden NFL 18 – Review

Madden is the longest-serving American football game out on the market and apart from some older college versions and the odd street version it’s the only NFL game out there. For the first time, EA has introduced the Madden series into the Frostbite engine. It truly does make a difference in a visual concept and makes the game believable when playing as the gameplay matches it as well this year.

Longshot is a new story based mode introduced into the Madden universe, you control Quarterback Devin Wade in his up and down story as he tries to get into the NFL. When I first tried this game mode on the EA Access trial I found it really interesting, it reminded me of The Journey Fifa 17 introduced but with the characters having much more personality. But boy was I wrong, the whole Longshot was done and dusted in about 4 hours and I didn’t play one whole game! Instead, I had to learn the game which by the way is hard for a guy that plays Franchise mode on Rookie each year. I mean it was interesting learning the plays and the order they were meant to say them in and post patterns the Wide Receivers have to run. It definitely opened my eyes to the level of mental skill some of these players need and understand why concussions are treated so well in the sport. But back on the Longshot story, apart from a few plays in flashback moments from High School and a two 7 on 7 games and the final test match majority of the game mode is cinematic! Devin Wade is a pain in the arse and I found myself hating his character as the story came to an end. His best friend Colt Cruise gave up so much of his life to help Wade and Wade just goes off into the sunset if you think that is a spoiler then I’m sorry as the game mode is just a filler to the game, at least in The Journey you had a full season to play it took some players a week to finish hell, some of my mates still haven’t completed it.

As you finish it again like the FIFA version you gain Wide Receiver and Quarterback cards of Devin Wade and Colt Cruise to put into your Madden Ultimate Team.

There are some new mechanics that have been added to Madden 18 with the use of the Frostbite engine, more animated cutscenes from panning out to see the stadiums, better run sequences and stronger and more realistic tackles and one biggy for me target passing this allows you to pass to whomever you want. The gameplay as a whole is very similar from last year as is the game’s Franchise mode. But if I’m going, to be honest, it overall feels pretty much the same game as last year just polished and the added Longshot game mode added.

MUT is still in my opinion far superior to any other Ultimate team mode in EA Sports games for the simple reason that you can get the better players without having to fork a shed load of money into the game, you complete challenges to get new players and them players can be upgraded with more challenges that are associated with them, for instance imagine getting Pele in Fifa at a measly 72 rating but the more challenges you complete for him the better his rating goes, don’t get me wrong it is hard and long but it is a great way to keep players glued to the game. They have also included MUT Squads where you can team up for a 3v3.

There are also challenges in the main games to help you hone your Madden skills and make you a better player as well. Play Now Live is a really good feature for fans of the NFL they can just pick up and play the most recent game that their team is playing now in the league, similar to the Fifa franchise a mode where you can play with the players that are available at that time. It really gives you that feeling that you’re in control of your favorite team.

EA has also added play styles to suit the player whether it is Arcade, Competitive or the Simulation. Simulation has a greater focus on fatigue and stamina in the game as well as high-rated players also making mistakes. Arcade is something you play with friends where you get the spectacular catches longer field goals and immense running plays. Competitive combines the two and makes the game feel whole.

Madden NFL 18 was provided to us by EA Sports and Xbox and was reviewed on the Xbox One, it is also available on PS4.

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