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    No Mans Sky Review

    It’s been hard to avoid the hype surrounding Hello Games astoundingly ambitious project No Mans Sky. It’s had delays and some of the toughest development mishaps to overcome for any developer but its finally here and I have my hands firmly gripped on the controller after spending a thought provoking near 20 hours with the […] More

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    Overcooked Review

    That will be one burger, one burger with tomato and one with lettuce and tomato. Yes Chef! Its time to cook and with Overcook on Xbox One you get one of the most fun yet frantic couch coop games to arrive on console in years. Here is our full Overcooked review. Overcooked as arrived on […] More

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    Adr1ft Review

    As a kid you likely grew up wanting to be an astronaut, the adventure and allure of walking in space is a temptation of imagination that is hard to resist and very few get to experience that in real life. Thankfully we can all be thankful of video games and developers with exceptional skills bringing […] More

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    Song of the Deep Review

    Weaving your way through underwater worlds fraught with danger and mystery is what’s on offer with Song of The Deep the first published title from the retail giant Gamestop’s Gametrust publishing arm. They are serious about publishing games but is Song of the Deep worthy of its swansong. As a metroidvania style game you control […] More

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    Inside – Review

    Since Playdead games burst onto the scene on Xbox 360 with their little known title Limbo and changed our perceptions of what indie games could be and how storytelling can be delivered in the most unique and immersive way we now find ourselves five years later about to do it all again. Inside is the […] More

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    Does the cloud still matter for Xbox One?

    Those white things in the sky were made for more than just rain, well at least that’s what the guys at Microsoft’s Redmond campus told us and made us believe back in 2013 when they touted the potential power cloud computing can deliver for the Xbox One. Some called it the secret sauce but is […] More

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    5 Reasons PlayStation VR will fail

    As an early adopter of almost all gaming tech I can stretch my wallet too the announcement that PlayStation VR will arrive in the US and UK on October 13th has sparked me with a renewed sense of excitement for the technology. It finally feels like the buzz and hype is coming to an end […] More

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    Days Gone may not arrive in 2017

    Sony Studio Bend finally revealed their much anticipated playstation 4 title during Sony’s E3 2016 press conference. With rumours abound the game would be titled”Dead don’t ride” thanks to trademarking leaks it was a pleasant surprise to see the game revealed with a new title “Days Gone”. The game coming exclusively to Playstation 4 was […] More

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    Dangerous Golf Review

    Dangerous Golf arrives from the developers of critically acclaimed studio Criterion. Having left the Burnout roost and formed their own studio called Three Fields Entertainment Dangerous Gold forms the studios first attempt in their new venture. So does Dangerous gold deliver a hole in one or is it set to crash and burn. Oh the […] More

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    New Xbox One Preview updated detailed – Cortana, Game collections and more

    More Social, More Games, More Devices – What’s In The Xbox Update Coming This Summer Larry Hyrb Xbox’s Major Nelson has shared details on the big summer update heading to Xbox One this week for Preview members. Check out the full details and reveal video below. We have known for some time that preview members were […] More

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    Overwatch Review

    Announced in 2014 Blizzard’s first new IP in years Overwatch finally arrives to take on what is a glut of multiplayer online first person shooters. So does Blizzard bring their PC pedigree to bare on consoles and stake their claim for the mantle of best shooter or is this just another also ran coming close […] More

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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™ gets new Live action trailer

    As far as live trailers go this ones got Blockbuster written all over it. Looking like something out of Minority Report meets iRobot Deus Ex gets a brand new live action trailer today from Square-Enix® and Eidos®-Montréal, their Live Action Trailer for the much anticipated Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™.   This short immerses you in […] More

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