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Assassins Creed: Origins – Review

So after a year off Ubisoft have released a new Assassins Creed and it’s bigger and better than ever this time around!

You take control of Bayek of Siwa the last of the of the pharaohs medjay (which is a naughty title in my eyes) anyway so you take control of Bayek through his travels across ancient Egypt and I have to say it is the best the series has ever looked. Being a fan from the days of Altiair in the battle of the old world in the third crusade. Ubisoft has done a remarkable job with the level of detail with all the different regions which have their own feel, from gods to religion. The look and feel of each region really bring the game to life. Going everywhere on the map is a great adventure and not a meaningless task like games of old in the series you get a real feel for the game.

With a new game, developers will add many new features and Assassins Creed Origins has done just that. They have been added a new leveling up system, with this you gain ability points from earning XP or discovering tombs that automatically give you an ability point or you can buy Helix credits with real money and buy three ability points for 300 helix credits. The ability points can unlock skills from the three skill tree options Warrior, Hunter and Seer what I love is that you have full customisation with what you unlock and you can build Bayek to play and act how you want him to.

If you want to go into battle head first then level up the  warrior to get better combos and stronger attacks, if that’s not your style and you prefer to Sam Fisher this bitch and hide your in a bush etc. and take down your foes with a wide arrange of bows (you can even unlock a skill to guide your arrow towards your enemy) and last off if you want to slow down your foes, upgrade the seer tree and unleash your sleep darts or firebombs to name a few of them and best of all the ability to tame a beast.

You will never find yourself with nothing to do be that main quest missions or the abundance of side quests that are available to you or just going through random travels across Egypt from finding hidden tombs and all of Egypt’s hidden secrets or tackling some online aspects of the game like avenging fallen players (although I don’t think the enemies that killed the player was actually the same enemies as they were weak AF).

Even when it comes to side quests it’s all like a mini story within itself and you find yourself feeling and caring for the characters. I did one mission where an archaeologist was attacked and robbed so you offer your help only to find out that three young children were the ones who attacked him, but bandits had forced there hands as the bandits stole there dog and would kill it if they did not do what they said, so you then hunt down the bandits and rescue their dog to complete the mission in doing that you really get a sense of their need for your help and it makes a change from the usual dribble of side quests you would get in older titles. Part of the story missions you have targets and when you finally manage to take out one of the targets, you don’t get the normal chit-chat that they had in the previous titles Bayek actually unravels why he is killing them and as a player you kind of see a bit of Bayek come to peace.

At first I was not a fan of the new combat system at all I would walk up to a group of enemies and would be pressing the dodge button as it used to be attacked in the previous games (you can change this but in the options) but all I was doing was darting around like a madman looking for a bit of a tit but then after a little getting used to I found myself getting to grips with it but at a low level it just didn’t feel like I was enough of a threat to them the A.I. but after a bit of grinding and leveling up I would be darting round dropping smoking bombs and taking out my targets one by one feeling like an absolute boss after it.

Fighting feels fresh and revamped and has a few new features which take a bit of getting used to but work well when it all comes together you now have a lock on system which works well in a one on one situation but not so much when there is a group of enemies to take on it feels and things get a little messy I found it easier to just swing my sword in the direction in which the enemy was. So I guess I missed this but the combat is now controlled by the Triggers and Bumpers. RB was light attack and RT was heavy (R1 and R2 if you’re on PlayStation 4) with LB using the shield and pressing it again to parry. X allows Bayek to dodge attacks and clicking the RS locks onto enemies.

Weapons are the spice of life in these types of games and they have not let us down in Assassins Creed Origins from swords to maces and axes there is a wide range of weapons that you can choose to take down your enemies. The vast array of weapons at your disposal and the perks they have give you several different ways to get ahead some feature fire, poison or health on kill and some have a curse on them which takes you life down but makes you really powerful. There are three classes of weapons from Golden (Legendary) Pink (Rare) and Blue (Common).

I also like the fact that every weapon feels and handles in a different way so a  sword is more for stabbing and slashing whereas a sickle sword you will slash and hook your foes whereas a heavy weapon such as a hammer or mace you can really feel the weight in which Bayek throws it with and it actually states slowly but very powerful.

As you level up you will find better gear along the way but if you feel you have outgrown your current weapon but it has a special place in your heart have no fear just visit the local blacksmith and upgrade that bad boy and give it a new lease of life with a better level damage and quality of gear This costs Drachma which is the in-game currency.

Bows are a really useful tool to use to hunt and pick off enemies from a distance they come in four different classes and it’s up to you how you have them and to when you use them. You have the Warrior Bow, Hunter Bow, Light Bow and the Predator Bow all with different speeds and powers.

I really like the fact that animals have made a big comeback in this game but I really do feel that they are super underpowered I only say this for the fact I was hunting for crafting materials and I needed lions or leopards skins I ended up finding about 8 lions altogether around the same level as me maybe 2-3 levels in difference and I took them all out with just my sword. Whereas if this was Far Cry and you see a pride of lions you would run as you know they would absolutely destroy you it’s the same as when you take on an enemy camp and scout out the area and see a cage with something in it so you release the beast and it gets killed by one guy with a sword like what’s that all about? Again if it was Far Cry as I said before it would kill at least 4-5 people if not the whole camp before being taken down. Now I know Far Cry and Assassins Creed are different games but I just feel they should add that element to the wildlife of the game as it makes a big impact. It really does feel that all the animals were put in for was mainly crafting and that’s about it really which is a shame but it’s a minor compared to the game as a whole.

Some of the animals you can tangle within the game are, Lions, Crocodiles, Hippos, Hyenas, Cobras to name a few.

Traveling across the vast land of Egypt is no small task but your modes of transport is fun and the views of Egypt are absolutely breathtaking and I am loving every single minute of the game from the views to sailing a boat in the great sea overlooking the pyramids or riding your chosen mount across that vast desert watching from above from your trusted a faithful friend Senu. It really does make for some great pictures in the photo mode which is another new feature which I am liking a lot I have to admit I am a bit of a selfie whore in this game and I don’t even care about it.

I love this game and it is, in my opinion, a great change which the series needed, gone are the times you play piggie in the middle and do follow this person now kill them but don’t get detected. This game lets you play how you want to play and for that, I thank Ubisoft as they have given us the chance to play arguably the best lead we have seen in many years. Bayek is a hardened warrior but is also kind and helpful to all that need assistance. He has suffered so much but will often joke about his past which is nice as you don’t want him to be another Connor for instance who was always too serious and just boring. I have felt really involved with his story and everyone he encounters.

Eagle vision is a thing of the past for now and instead you are given an actual eagle called Senu he is one of your best tools so use him as much as you can he can scout ahead of you and let you know of potential threats be that animals and patrolling, he can even travel across the whole map and allow you to uncover everything but if I’m honest it is very taxing and time-consuming.

The general movement of the game is good you no longer have to hold the a/x button to sprint you will run automatically from the off you just need to press the buttons to make him climb and jump over things which are good but at times can become annoying as like I said the map is huge so you have to utilise the fast travel points and landmarks to get about quickly.

Climbing feels at its very best Bayek feels very slick and smooth climbing over and under all types of buildings temples and pyramids, it almost feels like he is a free runner who invented the activity, you can scour rocks like there is no tomorrow.

When on your chosen mount you can place a custom marker and let them follow the road for you while you take to the sky and take in the views this is great the only problem with this is they will only stick to the main roads and more times than not they take the long way round which can be time-consuming so put the kettle on.

The AI in this game are smarter than previous titles but still not on the full ticket you can evade them rather easily and they will soon forget you even existed and just carry on with whatever they were doing before. They have tried and tried again with this but the stealth problem with the game is still not as good as it could be. You can use the normal long grass and water etc. for you to hide.  

Crafting is also a new feature they have added in this title you need to hunt for animals and take out convoys on land or sea and also break down the older gear to craft new versions of your current gear, this is split between 6 objects. You have quite a way to go in terms of making all your gear legendary but the grind is worth it. Note the gear is not weapons it is armor and you hidden blade etc. the stronger they are the better your stats will be.

With this, there is a lot to offer besides sharing your photos you will notice a blue skull marker on the map or a blue exclamation point which is a timed online mission the blue skull as mentioned before is to avenge a fallen player by killing the goons that killed him/her.

After the Xbox One X was released the visual difference from the original to 4K was impressive, the loading times for the game are quicker and the framerate is spot on with the visuals looking amazing. Facial features and water effects are truly remarkable and the game runs so smoothly.

Assassins Creed: Origins – Review
Would I Play This Again?
Reader Rating2 Votes4.1
Bayek is up there as the best protagonist since Ezio
Views and scenery as a marvel to see.
Weapons are intense and realistic
Great story and tons of side missions
I’d like the stealth to be greater in these games, like Splinter Cell Stealth
Mounts are good but the fact that they just stick to the road is a jar
This is the best Assassins Creed game they have come up with in a long time, there is so much to do and see in this game and you will never have a dull moment. If you are walking around for hours there is so much to do and see and so many hidden things to find and explore it will always keep you busy and guessing what to do next. I do wish the animals were a bit meaner and that the stealth was more apparent and focused on but all in all it’s a great game and I had a great time playing and reviewing it.