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Anima: Gate of Memories – Review

Anima: Gate of Memories is a Third Person Action Game from Anima Project. It features a combo based combat system and an Anime aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye. Whilst this game has it problems, it is actually very good for an indie game.


The Gameplay in Anima is all kinds of different genres mashed into one which meant I loved some parts and hated others. The Game brands itself as a Third Person action RPG which was accurate too an extent. The Combat is great which is to be expected from an Action RPG. I would be happy with this combat system in a AAA release! Its fluid, impactful and all of the particle effects really blended the combat into a visual experience rather than the button mashing system we are used to. The only problem that I found was that some of the animations were a little slow which affected the flow but I still enjoyed the combat thoroughly.  The parts I didn’t like, puzzles… this is a personal preferences but the game features a number of creative puzzles that have you running all over the areas you are in to solve various puzzles such as unlocking gates. Many players will like this, I didn’t however as I found it broke the flow of combat and made the game feel much longer than it actually is.

The Graphics in Anima are also a mixed mashup. The characters and enemies are fantastic, drawing from an Anime style which I found both visually appealing and fit with the theme of the game too. The environments however left something to be desired. I found that they were very generic and even the vaguely interesting locations looked flat and bland. Luckily the combat and movement is so quick you often don’t need to pay much attention to the environments.



Now for the ultimate shame. The voice acting… The story is set up, the characters look great, I was very invested from the start… then the characters started to talk. I couldn’t quite get the overall tone of the game. Many of the characters have very different personalities from one another which didn’t blend very well. An example of this is near the start of the game where you arrive to a village that has been burnt down. When the protagonist talks to the ‘Red Lady’ (the antagonist of Anima) you would think they were having a catch up not a confrontation! However that’s not to say all the sound is bad. Many of the combat sounds have a nice anime style ‘twinkle’ to them that make them feel a little more impactful and the music is quite reminiscent of action animes such as Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online.

Anime is currently priced at £15.99 on the Xbox store and is available for PS4 and PC via Steam.