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3 Most Popular games on PC

There are many games on the PC and a very wide genre of choice, i will only cover a few off in this article. One of the big things these days is online gaming from Casino games to First Person Shooter (FPS) as well as a wide range of sports.

so lets touch on Casino games first:

Mega Moolah Slots

This is a very popular game on line and offers a chance to play for real, the game it’s self is a 5 reel slot machine with 25 line wins and bonus games, It has been given the nickname “The Millionaire Maker” and it sure lives up to its name. The biggest jackpot that has been won is ¬£13 Million !!!

The Game its self is bright and colourful with an animal theme running through it, where like real life the Lions are WILD ! it has the usual bonuses of Scatter as well as a Wheel of fortune Jackpot game. There has also been additions of Egyptian / American and a summer holiday, but looks aside it still plays the same with the same rules and pay lines.

The rate this game plays out and the amount you can win on it defiantly makes it one of the most popular games online found on many online casino sites on the internet.

Playerunknown Battle Ground (PUBG)

If your not sure what PUBG is there where have you been !!!

PUBG is a shooter and survival game where players either play solo or as a team and have to be the laster person/team standing. The game starts with you skydiving onto the island to a location where you have to find items and weapons and stock up before the barrier closes in on you, at timed intervals the force field closes and the play area gets smaller.

The game starts with up to 100 players in 1 game, with a good selection of weapons ( if you can find them) and vehicles to get around the island. This game has become very popular due to the amount of people in one game and streaming sites like twitch.tv. Currently only on PC but due out on consoles in the near Future

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is one game that keeps giving and is so popular on pc and consoles. The game its self is full of crime and violence but its more the multiplayer that people play for now due to the amount of additions its had as well as mods on the PC, things like skins for the characters, Stunt Racing, Planes there is so much to mention.

I’m sure we have all seen the stunt runs on GTA via social media ( if not look below ). The online features has people amused and entertained for hours, Rockstar have defiantly put a great game together and they know it.

GTA V Youtube video credit: RedKeyMon

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