10 Video games any 90’s kid should have played

Greetings Noble readers, welcome back to my ramblings. Right, just to clarify with this articles, not all games listed in this will have been released in the 90’s. The games listed here are ten games or franchises anyone born in the 90’s should have played, at least once.  In no particular order here we go:


1. Pokémon Red and Blue


Oh yes, that’s right, we’re starting with the greats. So, this entire franchise has defined a generation or two. Back when this came out, it was basically crack for kids. Still is, Hell I’m in my mid twenties and I’m excited for the release of GO, Sun and Moon. If you have never played the original Pokémon games and you’re my age. Your childhood was wasted playing football or preforming other Plebeian acts.

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Written by Callum MacPhail



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