10 awesome things to Capture in Super Mario Odyssey | News | The Video Games

10 awesome things to Capture in Super Mario Odyssey | News

Super Mario Odyssey is an epic adventure full of surprises, out now on Nintendo Switch! It sees the introduction of a new character, Cappy, a resident of the Cap Kingdom who’s taken the form of Mario’s trademark red hat.

By making use of Cappy’s amazing ability to Capture enemies, Mario can do all sorts of things! Let’s take a look at just 10 of the enemies and objects you can Capture in Super Mario Odyssey!


Goombas are an absolute classic Mario enemy and can be Captured by Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey. As you can see, once Captured they have a fetching moustache and wear Mario’s famous cap! You might think a lowly Goomba wouldn’t be of much use but these guys can stack up on top of each other to create formidable Goomba towers, which are great for wooing any bystanders.

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