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Interview: Taking on hordes of invading Vikings in Bad North | News

NUK: There are plenty of Vikings to fend off. How does the combat work in-game? PC: We have this very low granularity of interaction, which means that mostly players will be simply positioning their...

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Bethesda Fallout 4 Vault Boy Thumbs Up Black ID & Card Bi-Fold Wallet

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Dragon Ball FighterZ – Review

This is the new installment in the Dragonball Z franchise and the developers have taken a different approach this time around in the form of a 2D Style which was surprisingly fun and very enjoyable seeing...

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Far Cry 5 – Review

Ubisoft has churned out another masterpiece in the Far Cry series. Ever since taking over the engine that the Far Cry series is based on from Crytek. Ubisoft has developed the game into a must have for...